An Interview with Julie Fowlis


Hello Julie, so where ya from & where ya at, geographically speaking?
I’m a Hebridean and Highland mix! Originally from North Uist, but now based near Inverness.

When did you first realise you were musical?
I’ve never really thought about it. I suppose looking back, my sister and I would memorise entire film scripts and countless songs then endlessly regurgitate them to anyone who would listen. I’d also regularly fib to my chanter teacher that I could read music when I couldn’t – I wasn’t found out for years because I could memorise tunes very quickly, so maybe I always had an ear for music.

What instruments do you play, & which do you consider as your forte?
Ah – this is a tricky one. I started off playing chanter (pipes) and piano, before moving onto oboe and cor anglais at University. But I have ended up spending most of my time singing. And I just made my ukulele debut on our new album. Maybe that will be the new thing….

What for you makes a good song?
Strong melody, a great story, and feeling.

How musical is the Gaelic language?
Incredibly musical. It would require an essay to answer this one fully.

You have played all across the globe, which have been your top three performances?
It’s really hard to choose. Well, three memorable shows of late – singing Joni Mitchell songs to a sold out audience at the renowned Celtic Connections Festival, getting to sing Hearts of Olden Glory with Runrig live in Denmark at Tonder festival last year, and singing a Galician song for the first time just last week in Spain. I think for me – they stand out because the audiences were so appreciative. It makes such a difference.

Where do you get your songs from?
Family, friends, contemporaries and archive recordings.

What is it about performing live that makes you tick?
The feeling of sharing something, of connecting to people through music.

What does Julie Fowlis like to do when she’s not being all musical?
Being outside! Rowing, swimming, running, cycling. In any weather. And most of all, being with my family.


Can you tell us about your Edinburgh performances : where & when & what?
August 26th, Queen’s Hall. A special preview of our brand new album material.

What will Julie Fowlis be doing for the rest of 2017?
Performing in the US, England, Scotland, and some TV work in France. And releasing a new album on November 3rd!

Julie will be gracing Edinburgh with her music

August 26th, The Queen’s Hall

One thought on “An Interview with Julie Fowlis”

  1. Wow! Julie with Runrig!!! Hearts of Olden Glory!!!!!! Wish I had been there, it doesn’t get better than that in my world.

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