The Strange and the Eerie: Ballads and Stories of Auld Scotland


Scottish Storytelling Centre
Aug 22-23 (20:30)

Cantrip Teasel are doing something special. Folklorists & perfomers, they are preserving for society the old tales & songs of the past. There was a time before Netflix, y’know, & even cinema, when folk would huddle round the fire listening to the family tales of witches & warlocks, & splunkies, & murders, &, well, you get the idea. In 2017 Heather Yule, Jeanie Roy Collins and Alison Bell are Cantrip Teasel, two of whom were at the Scottish Storytelling Centre last night regaling us with ancient ballads and stories, whose words sat upon the plunking paradise that were two huge & golden Cetic harps tinkling like angel bells at the gates of Heaven. As their fingers paced up the strings like skipping stones in a elfen pool, I became entranced to the illusion as our two sorceresses wove their incantatory spellcraft.

Thro’ Heather’s haunting storytelling painting vivid images in the mind, to Alison’s melodiously chaunting her ‘sad & gruesome songs,‘ our ladies took us on a dangerous journey, with many a twist in the tale. The hour & a half simply flew by, & as I left I was whistling centuries old tunes with a mind filled with floating coffins & dancing skeletons; & as I stepped onto the cobbles of the Royal Mile, a phantom carriage flashed by me, turned hard right to the snorts of ghostly horses, & hurtled down a close… where it disappeared into the mists of a dreich Scottish night…

Reviewer : Damo


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