No Quarter


Meadows Festival, Edinburgh
Saturday 02.06.2018


It was a humid tropical afternoon, the week had been one of character building proportions. Dance solves most problems so this was the one. Having been a fan of Ms Piltcher’s work for some time, have written about this brilliant Edinburgh band on more than one occasion. No Quarter are playing Eden Festival next weekend, I knew that this was the warm up for that. So was quite excited for this one. A band coming into a new strength, they take their name from a Led Zep song and Rebecca Pilcher certainly channels some of that Led Zep Grace in her guitar licks.


I was joined in the audience by Shoony Eh who is the amazing lead guitarist of the band Jamie and Shoony. I looked at him and looked at Miss Piltcher and said to Shoony, you are my fave Male rock ‘n’ roll guitarist and that lady on stage is my fave female Rock N Roll goddess guitarist. A light bulb went on. And No Quarter delivered a blistering funky hard rocking set of songs, which in an instant, brought the dancer out in me. Soul Songs of life’s challenges and how we recover from them. Beautifully sung and the lead guitar of this tight unit, bringing powerful flavours of funk-based Rock.



I got lost in it completely. The horn section of; on saxophone played by Adam Cook, on trumpet and supporting vocals Lesley Wilson infuse the funk; a rhythm section of; on bass guitar Liam Tucker, on drums Ian Robertson. On supporting guitar and vocals,  Oliver Wardle. These guys had us in their power. There was a light shower of rain while they played to cool down the humid boogie. But yes it was certainly the antidote to a challenging week. To have seen this band grow in confidence over the years, I know how well rehearsed the material is, No Quarter have never been anything other than a great Rock-Out. I was nae disappointed in the slightest. A truly exceptional performance. No Quarter are on the rise.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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