The Melomaniacs: Dust

DUST, Melomaniacs © Jean Luc Fievet (5).jpeg

The Assembly Rooms Ballroom

16th till 26th August

The Film.
The Assembly Rooms Ballroom was a fitting environment for this musical project to be presented. Performed against a cinematic backdrop on which the film “Dust” was projected, a collaboration with the New York based photographer Jean Luc and film maker Lee Archer. We are taken on a two week journey through America, skillfully edited into a 55 minute production. The presentation of the film is enough to give this highbrow multimedia experience a 5 Star rating.

Dust was conceived by Paul Silver, Kim Murray and myself. It emerged from a series of free wheeling Monday night jam sessions in late 2016. We found that good things happened when we made things up as we went along. Before we knew it, we had an album.
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The Performance.
In the sparsely populated ballroom, complete with chandeliers, The Melomaniacs took to the stage to perform the album “Dust” in its entirety. A recorded work that has already gained rave reviews in the music press. The band walked on stage in silence. The film began and for the next 55 minutes, we the audience were taken on a musical journey of delicate ambience, full of chemistry and rich in ear-candy and eye-candy. I relished Mike Marlin and Kim Murray’s expert guitar playing, weaving sonic pleasure and making every note count. There was also Paul Silvers’ Keyboards and electronic effects, complimenting the sparse musical arrangements that fully engaged the audience. Mike Marlin’s beautiful poetry sung with true soul and spiritual clarity. Just before the end of the performance an Angel arrived from the Spiritual Realms (Divines a Clairvoyant and is able to see that which most are unable to). At first I thought the Angel had arrived to compliment the experience, which of course it did. But then just before the last number, Mike told us while fighting back tears, that his Father had ascended to the Heavens two weeks ago. It was then that I knew, that the Angel was Mike’s Guardian. Musicians of this caliber are always mediums of the muse and spiritual grace. As the last echoes of Paul Silvers’ expert saxophone faded into the silence of The Melomaniacs’ fully engaged audience. The performance was over. The silence was as musical as the performance and film that we had just experienced.

After the performance we had the opportunity to congratulate and thank the band at the Merchandise stall, where I was presented with a beautiful coffee table style hardbacked book of the photography Jean Luc Fievet had taken on the adventure, A copy of the LP and tucked in the lapel of the beautiful book a copy of the compact disc. All bound together with Melomaniac ribbon. Being a DJ of ambient and chill out, The Melomaniacs beautiful sonic fidelity will be part of my DJ sets for years to come. Delicate, Moving And Powerful Art.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

Mike Marlin. The Visionary, Guitar And Vocals
Paul Silver Keyboards, Electronic Effects And Saxophone.
Kim Murray.Guitar.
Danny Monk. The Sound Engineer.
Jean Luc Fievet. The Photographer.
Film Maker. Lee Archer.

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