Resurrection / The Doors Of Perception


The Regal, Bathgate,
Friday 23rd November

Rock ‘n’ Roll does solve most problems. The Divine natural retort at this time of year is hibernation with a capital H. One has to push one’s self to seek out the muse. So after Friday Morning’s distant healings, I gave my wisdom-streaks another colouring taking the red deeper. Colour Therapy! ❤ Then started my eye make up. Heading to Doreen’s and Andreas’s Love Shack to finish off my eyes before our Adventure to The Regal in Bathgate. To see The Doors (Of Perception) Supported by Resurrection a Stone Roses Tribute. And A Northern Soul, covering the work of Richard Ashcroft. Divine had a VIP invite. Good Time ❤ Motivation enough.

Neither me or Doreen drive, Doreen’s lovely boyfriend does and we have wheels. Andreas is from Rhodes, so finding the route out of Edinburgh was a bit of a magikal mystery tour. We got to Bathgate at 8pm, Missed a Northern Soul. Resurrection were performing as we arrived. It was my first time at The Regal and yes it is very regal indeed. Old time music hall with original features. I loved the venue.Resurrection faithfully performed The Stone Roses ‘2nd Coming.’ The performance took me back to 1995, when I first moved to Edinburgh and Brit Pop was massive. Indy clubs three times a week. June Swanson who I was staying with was the bar manager of The Citrus Club, so The Stone Roses were a soundtrack of that time. I really took Resurrection in. Brilliant musicians revering their Hero. “I Wanna Be Adored” was the trigger. 23 years ago blimey!


Then we all travelled further back in time to the year Divine was born. 1967 and the release of LA Woman, by The Doors. Jim never got the opportunity to perform this live. I was fired up and excited to dance. The Doors (Of Perception) took to the Stage and everybody’s inner flower child emerged, The Lizard King Invoked the dance within me. And what a wonderful dance floor it was. Seeing and Hearing LA Woman performed by such accomplished and experienced musicians, it taught me a lot about composition; especially the keyboard parts and how simple they are to reproduce. Then ,Riders On A Storm took me completely. The dance was on. Groove to The Max.

Frazer “Fuzz” Fowler – vocals.
Michael Mathieson – guitar.
Huw Rees – keyboards.
Rich Gregory – bass.
Addi Addison – drums.

The Doors Of Perception got Jim Morrison’s nod of approval and the audience was totally captivated by the musical delights that this brilliant collective reproduced. Have always loved dancing to The Doors. Performed live was a real treat and tonic for the soul.

Review: Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert
Photography: Doreen Phillips


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