An Interview with John Rush

One of the best new folk voices in Scotland?
The Mumble had to catch a blether

Hello John, first thing’s first, where are you from & where are you at, geographically speaking?
Originally from Paisley but now have set up camp in Glasgow for the last 7years.

When did you first realise you were musical?
I have always sang, I remember singing infront of girls in Nursery which means i was around 3years old so I actually dont know what came first, talking or singing

Who were your earliest influences & who inspires you today?
My Mum and Dad had great taste in music when I was growing up. Elvis was a big one with my Dad, i would watch old VHS documentaries on him from a real early age. Im sure I was found infront of the mirror in more than one occasion shakin my legs n curlin my lip. My mum was more into Roxy Music and Marc Bolan, Bolan was always quite close to Elvis style wise I thought prob my brain just knowin they were about at the same time in my head.

The Glasgow music scene is one of the most thriving in Britain, if the planet – what are its secret ingredients do you think?
Folk ask that a lot even in music programmes I watch and the answer seems as simple as it the weather hahaha all the great UK music cities have the same vibe. Its raining awww the time so you tend to sit and learn an instrument, draw a picture or roll a joint.

73504847_924312357968360_65869864719351808_nAs a songwriter, what motivates you the most to put words to music?
I’ve always loved anyone that can make something out of nothing. Artists, Painters, Poets even Chefs and Mixologists. They are all the same, there a passion thats quite hard to get rid of. I mean I dont put myself in any notable league but the fact I have been able to write a melody and put some nice words together just makes me happy. I can imagine I’ll not always sing forever but I will always write. Its an escapism, a therapy and helps me get out anything that may or may not be on my mind at the time and escape from any 4 walls that have confined me.

You’ve got three singer-songwriters coming round for dinner – who would they be & what would you cook?
Ray Lamontagne, John Lennon and Noel Gallagher. I do enjoy cooking but my menu is limited. All 3 guys from the sticks so I’m sure theyd be happy with what was put down to them.

What do you like to do when you’re NOT being musical?
I used to love drawing, when I was very young drawing was my music, but i lost interest when I became a teenager. When I moved to Glasgow I got back into it, prob out of boredom I suppose but if Im not working or noodlin on the guitar Il just doodle instead.

You’ve recently got a new manager – can you tell us about him?
Davie Boy Smith? Aka David Blair. I was more aware of Colonel Mustard before I knew David but I played a show at the Purple Orange in Bathgate maybe 2 years ago and a lovely woman put me in touch with David via Facebook and we’ve became closer as the years have gone on. We do have an identical tattoo which is a bit strange so maybe stars are set??? Who knows, but hes a great guy and believes in what Im tryin to do and the feelings mutual.

You’ve got an album out, what’s it called, where was it recorded and how did the sessions go?
My Debut album is called “Beneath The Apple Tree” that has been out digitally since April. It is a selection of songs written by myself over the years. The oldest being written around 10years ago. It was recorded Morsecode Studios with the amazing producer Liam McCluskey at the wheel. The album was recorded in 16hrs with 2 mics in 1 take. It was a wonderful experience, being recording in Studios for 20yrs it was the first time I was confident enough to believe that just my guitar n my voice was enough.


What are your favorite tracks off the album both to listen to and to play?
Gold & Green is probably my favourite song to play on the album. The lyrics came from a track I wrote when I was 19 that was around (cough cough-teen years ago) I never loved the melody but always had the lyrics in the back drawer of my mind for a later date. Once I found the melody it just seemed to fit with a little bit adding and editing, the chorus just came straight away. I like that it has a little story of 2 kids running around with their smiles glistening in the summer breeze. Although like alot of my tracks it has a bitter sweet moment when the chorus lets the listeners know that the 2 characters may not have made it as loves young dream after all.

You’ve got a gig coming up in Glasgow soon, fancy a wee plug?
Big Time. 22nd of November I play my first Headline show in Room 2, Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow City Centre. To coincide with the physical launch of “Beneath the Apple Tree.”

What does 2020 hold in store for John Rush?
I think myself and Davids big push this year is some festivals and having as many folk hearin the album as possible before hopefully going back into the studio end of 2020.


22 November 2019 at 7:30pm
Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow
£10 + BF


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