Chemical Brothers

SSE Hydro
Saturday 23rd November, 2019

Having listened to the new album I was excited about this one, tickets were purchased months in advance. The Gang of Six (there can be any number in the Gang of Six technically – Graeme has decided that on this instance there was “at least twenty”) converged on Glasgow. Having established base camp we managed inevitably to set off late which is what triggered the race.


Half in a taxi and half on foot, we were really impressed the “push the button for a taxi” gadget, finish line was deemed to be slapping the barrier front left in the SSE. We sprinted to an early lead but the taxi riders made wanker gestures at as they cruised by in luxury. We decided it would be best to split up but stick together when we got there. We arrived way before the carbon zero walking squad it was almost too easy.

It was a total roadblock so a classic bit of queue jumping was required. We even had enough time for a bar stop and established ourselves at the front left and waited for the people who love to queue to turn up. And waited. Having to guard too many pints for an hour and a half was a test in itself, security refusing to store them behind the barrier. We were there so long waiting we made really good friends with security and enjoyed an average hour of 2ManyDJ’s. Finally at the perfect moment the losers turned up just as the Brothers were coming onto the stage.


They definitely played “Hey Boy Hey Girl” and “Galvanised” near the end and lots of other really cool stuff. The lights were amazing, the company was outstanding, the lazers dazzling. Who’s sound system was it though? Too quiet, we could talk to each other down the front and a complete lack of tinnitus the next day. The spectacle was immense and perfect, it was just too quiet. They smashed the curfew by three minutes and will have to face the consequences of their actions. Truly a corporate rock and roll experience. We split up again to head back to the hotel.


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