Mid Life Krysis @ Room 2

Mid Life Krysis
Room 2, Glasgow
4th November, 2021

Room 2 is an up and coming Glasgow venue, just round the corner from George Square. The basement room spreads out at the bottom of the stairs, making it a basement venue. On this dark and wintery night it was host to a promotional evening involving four acts that were as different as polar opposite in style of music.

I was personally there to see the Steven Vickers’ hip-hop creation, Mid Life Krysis. This would be my own second listening of his act that he is constantly touring with. I met him on a trip to Arran where he performed at a house in a behind-the-scenes kind of evening.

Steven’s genius in full flow

At the Room 2 gig his act was second to perform, after a folk music duo on guitar. But Steven’s gig set list was enough for a concert all of its own. His now well-chiselled style was all about breaking free from any and all limitation in ruckus libations of complete rap and soul. His accent enhanced his outbreak of intentions, and gave the whole space room to venture into his whipped up ideas that he classes his lyrics and determines his beats upon.

So it was fit for dancing, zoning out with a power mixed in on almost a heavy techno level. He was the perfect artist, struggling with himself, and with the lies he sees all around him all the time. Using his musical venture and prowess to complain but also having a sharp cutting edge on things in life in his own Mid Life Krysis.

A booming sound coupled with comical, serious, ironic and even street level streams of a hard hitting hip hop. He was alone on the stage with only his music to go on, and his dance was something like an antagonism, almost like a fully dressed African standing ready for war.

The crowd was enamoured to his beats of progression, and there were rumours flying about because out man Steven is more than a struggling artist but the vein of songs dealt with very real perturbations of isolation, being homeless, and many themes that cut to the bone.

He magically interweaves it all into a heightened state of affairs managing to gut him-self while also creating a performance and a good time for his up and coming audiences through thriving through his musical genre.

The liveliness was quite the thing for a solo act managing to cram a great night out into a matter of an hour. We took it in with a good enthusiasm and did our best not to feel sorry for all the lines he has come up with. Lyrics that on their own would seem devastating but when put passionately to music and his composition where well travelled and we hope he’ll have the realisation that he was not suffering them alone.

But it’s good to hear someone saying it like it is, unafraid to confront the living daylights out of it by using music. All of which he does with nothing less than bravado and accomplishment. A zesty, dancy time for adult consumption he offers a conundrum of musical spheres and untold life experience.

Reviewer: Daniel Donnelly

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