The Chibmarks, The Smoking Jefferies, Willie Dug and Black Wolf Trap.

Bannermans, Edinburgh

Friday 3rd, December 2021

It had been a busy distant healing week, so setting off to witness Two acts for the first time. The Chibmarks and Black Wolf Trap. Had nae talked to many people at all. this week I jumped off the 26 at the West End and had a wander along Princes Street, The Markets were heaving with massive queues at either end it was quite a culture shockI was going to get a Salmon dish from Chef Ben Lane. Alas they were nae letting me in without a long wait and I had to be at Bannerman’s at 7pm. Had only just found out that the Chibmarks were opening proceedings in the Catacombs of the Old Town. Its the first time I have been in a beery establishment for a long timeeeeee. (sticky Keyboard) That was a culture shock too, I had to remind myself that I was here to witness something special. I have known of The Chibmarks for years. seen bits on you tube and have read Kevin Pearson hiding a great talent on Facebook, because that was what he has. A great vocal talent, Punk Rock but in Key and perfectly in tune. Along with Tony Grants expert Guitar licks and Rythme Section made up of Black Wolf Traps Bass and the SJs wonderfully versatile drummer. A combination that brought an explosion of Punk Rock brilliance. Warming the Venue perfectly. Divine is no longer a Chibmarks virgin. Punk Rock Vetrans 5 Stars.

The Smoking Jeffries

Next up The Smoking Jefferies a brilliant SKA Rock outfit of local musicians that have ripped up much much bigger stages of festivals in Scotland, Including Lindisfarne my most recent sojourn into Rock N Roll happenings. The Smoking Jeffries ripped up that stage too, really made my heart smile, with a Cameo rap from tonight’s host and voice of Black Wolf Trap Jamie Kiera. A Festival stage much suits the SJ’s with a big band and musical genius as big as this needs space to breathe. Tonight’s performance really got the intimate venue bouncing and Skanking.Great fun and whats more the SJ’s were thoroughly enjoying performing for us and their audience loved it. Oh Yes another 5 Star Performance on this bill of Rock N Roll delight.

Wullie Dug

The Third Band on this smorgasbord of musical delight Lead by the very wonderful Willie Dug, who again is another Scottish Festival stage veteran that has been delighting audiences for years with a fusion of blues-infused folk groove. Willie Dug always delights with smoking mellotron and keys, a passionate drummer and sexy bass. It was a swinging gig, Good Time. another 5 star groove.

Black Wolf Trap

And last but deffo not least. The much-anticipated performance From Black Wolf Trap, it was my first time and Divine was wet with excitement. Jamie And Shoony were a band of aspiring musicians that Divine has championed a lot over the years, Jamie’s gusto performance and lyrical brilliance always hooked me, I was at the last gig that the band played before disbanding and Jamie went on an adventure down under. The Rhythm section of Jamie and Shoony formed a power rock band that blew me away at The Meadows Festival in 2018, I spoke to the drummer after and said Aye that was brilliant dinnae worry your frontman will return, Shoony my fave guitarist of all time went down under too, returning to become a professional darts player.

Now this is the brilliant bit. The brilliant Rythm section Richy Neil on Drums. Lewis Linnington on Bass have been reunited with Jamie to form a new band called Black Wolf Trap, So tonight at Bannerman’s I was going to witness this new band, Is it any wonder I was wet? ❤

Richy Neil’s Power Drums and the Power Bass Licks of Lewis Linnington being the sole musical drive present. Black Wolf Trap are a drum and bass powerhouse and with Jamie in all-time superior form delivering his silver tongue word skills This is what I had been waiting for. Black Wolf Trap didn’t disappoint and lived up to my expectations and some. Deep inside, we all knew. Tonight’s performance was the stuff of Rock N Roll legend. The beginning of something massive emerging from Edinburgh, Black Wolf Trap have a massive fully engaging presence when they lock and create musical alchemy. Have always championed Jamie and his frontman performance skills and delivery. And I already knew how brilliant the Rythme section was. I have every confidence that Black Wolf Trap will have a swift rise to Global Stardom.❤ Really, Black Wolf Trap are that good. Well done lads you made Divine proud. 5 Stars ❤

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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