Silas And Saski & The Electronic Ozric Tentacles

Aulde Reekie
Friday 18th Feb 2022

Back in Feburary 1992, when I was going through the mental and emotional crisis that would awaken me to my true healing path. A beautiful friend called James Pearson was working in a record shop in Leeds and he gave me three CDs, By a band that I had never heard of before called the Ozric Tentacles. Thats when Erpland, Pungent Oflugentt and Strangitude came into my life, (I love you my old friend ❤ ) It was the same year that I listened to my calling to be at Glastonbury Festival, hitched down from Bradford and under the fence.

That’s when I fist saw The Ozric Tentacles full band ensemble. Perform this new magical music that had recently become part of the Divine cannon. It was a magical experience and very much the soundtrack to my early 90s life. I saw the Ozric live lots after that between 92 and 95 and have always made sure I saw them perform at all the Glastonbury;s that I attend while working in the Healing Fields. Also the Ozrics techno offshoot Eat static, I have always loved and always bring them into the mix when Divine DJ’s, Eat Static performed at Eden a few years back when they did a set in The Vishnu Lounge. Brilliant stuff as always. However the last time that I saw The Ozrics full Band Experience outwith Glastonbury festival was at Queens Hall in Bradford in Feb 95, There is always an orchestra of musicians packing the stage, because The Ozric Tentacles are a big band.

So when my lovely friend Stacey Hayes told me that the Ozrics were performing Bannermans in the catacombs of The Cowgate in Aulde Reekie’s Old Town, I thought Aye right how they gonna get the Ozrics Orchestra on stage at Bannermans. Its a small venue. Then I learned it was a stripped-down techno-infused Ozric Tentacles taking the stage for the first time in Edinburgh, Indeed, how could I have possibly missed this one?, The Ozric Tentacles are intrinsic on my spiritual path, I have come a long way since 1992, when The Ozric Tentacles taught me that it’s perfectly respectable to be a Wizard. This was the last night of Master Wizards Ed Wynne and Silus Neptune The genius behind The Electronic Ozric Tentacles UK tour. Performance artists are always at their best on the last night of a tour, because they are so well-rehearsed. Exciting Stuff ❤ And what a scoop.

The first act of the evening, Silus And Saski took to the stage of a packed to rafters Bannermans. The husband and wife duo captivated. with a multi-instrumental dance Spiritual performance. That immediately grabbed the attention of the Audience, This was really really special, I knew it would be, Silus is the Keyboard Wizard behind the Ozrics and Eat Static so as you can imagine just how good this was going to be. Saski is a Spiritual Healer and it really shone through and with the voice not far removed from Kate Bush, Saskis dance style is very similar to Ms Bush’s too and to be able to sing so beautifully with total soul. Wow, we were blessed by the best.

Silus Neptune is one part of The Electronic Ozric Tentacles joined by Ed Wynne the grandmaster and Visionary behind The Ozrics massive repertoire Along with Saski on Flute and more delicious vocals. This trio of Cosmic Psychedelic Divine heroes took the capacity audience on a journey to the Spiritual Realms and back again. A 90 minute set bathed in moving morphing psychedelic patterns the Cosmic Masters had the capacity audience in the palms of their hands as they treated us to Psi infused renditions of the Ozric Tentacles cannon drawn from over thirty years of successful live and recorded work at one point while Saski played the flute she took the form of Krishna a spellbinding example of performance art and musical production.

Classic and contemporary Ozric pieces were represented seamlessly to create the best club night in the solar system, as one can imagine, there was nae much room to dance I managed an hour at the front (Ish) totally transfixed before I retreated back to find space to dance to this electronic brilliance.

Climaxing the performance with Sploosh this was the best Rave any of us had been to in years. Indeed we were blessed by this master class of having a thoroughly Good Time and all in the catacombs of Edinburgh’s Old town. A suitable venue to end a UK wide tour. For one night only, Avalon came to Edinburgh. What a brilliant night.

After the performance, I headed to the merch table and bought the new Ozrics album “Space For The Earth” And Silus And Saski’s EP “The Power Of Three” ( New Ozrics Mix coming soon) Ed Wynne and Silus Neptune were stood in front of me, I was a bit starstruck ater such an amazing experience, the only words I could muster were “Thankyou” Even now while writing this I find it hard to express the gratitude I have for The Ozrics and all that they have brought to my life. For Divine it’s been a thirty-year journey of growth a development. When the student is ready, the master will appear.

Good Time Divine ❤

Words: Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

Photography: Nita Wings

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