Killing Joke And The Imbeciles

The Barrowland Ballroom

Killing Joke have moved me since I was a teenager, being a young post-punk anarchist and New Romantic, Killing Joke were a Goth Staple. to any alternative Dance Floor. Who’s music would always bring out my inner dancer in a very theatrical way.

Have always been a fan of Youths work and massively important production CV outwith Killing Joke too. The combined chemistry of Dr Jaz Coleman and Youth have been immeasurably important to the soundtrack of my life and I know that this is going to be a belter of a Gig.

Dr Jaz Coleman’s Journey bears a lot of similarities to my own. from receiving a Spiritual Transmission from Glastonbury to resolving Karma through the Healing Arts. Beginning Killing Joke’s prolific rise through the Rock N Roll ranks with a Magik ritual That brought the perfect musicians together to form an artistic anarchic rebellion Inspired as a remedy for Thatcher’s Tory Blues, and possible Nuclear Armageddon, so sure of this he sacked his band at the peak of fame and famously left to live on a glacier in Iceland.

Dr Jaz Coleman’s inner peace and sanity were more important to him than the fame and fortune made by wearing his need to heal on his sleeve, that was always the point of Killing Joke, a voice for the broken youth of the 80’s. Most of us recognised part of ourselves in Dr Jaz Coleman, well those of us that were young inspired Wizards anyway searching for a way to Heal.

Even his obsession with Egypt and beautiful work with The Art Of Noise’s Ann Dudley on the culturally epic and musically brilliant “Songs From The Victorious City” Revealed Dr Jaz Colemans’ creative genius. Receiving his honorary doctorship in music from Gloucestershire University in 2021 for this and many other orchestral compositions of contemporary classics.

Dr Jaz Coleman, Vocals/ keyboards
Geordie Walker. Guitar.
Youth, Bass
Paul Ferguson Drums.
Roi Robertson Keyboards.

Paul Raven Ascended in 2008 the original lineup are assembled for the current tour. and it was Pauls last request to Dr Jaz Coleman that the original band members reformed to record and perform together again. Indeed it was the drum rhythms and Bass of Paul Raven that made Pssyche Wardance, and Requiem, so infectious,
I cannae count the dance floors that I have ripped up to the tunes of Killing Joke. Ever since I went to my first Punk Club in Bradford when I was 16 back in 83 it was called Beavers. That’s when I first fell in love with these songs.

Killing Joke are old Masters and with Youth compleating the rhythm section And Geordies lush guitar licks. Is it any wonder I am so excited to be seeing Killing Joke for the first time. It is the kind of rock N Roll soul expression we are all waiting for. indeed,

Another reason for me to be looking forward to this, Divine’s first time Killing Joke cherry being popped in The Barrowland Ballroom. mature Punks always do it better.

Indeed my Killing Joke cherry had been well and truly popped. and the experience will be with me for a long time, after all one never forgets the first time. It was superb and worth waiting such a long time for and to have witnessed this in Scotland’s Rock N Roll Mecca, The Barrowland Ballroom. an experience that is going to be with me forever.

Killing Joke. The Divine Verdict.

So my 2nd night of Good Time Grace at The Barrowland Ballroom. Last night was the best middle-aged rave club that I have ever been to and tonight was the best middle-aged Punk Club that I have ever been to.

Another wet arrival at St Lukes, to meet up with Barry Nicol and Kirsty McNicol for a bite to eat before meeting Raymond Speedie (The Mumble Photographer) We collected our guesties and headed to the ballroom to catch Killing Jokes opening act “The Imbeciles,” four guitarists and a drummer from the USA (Produced by Youth) Five lads that were very comfortable on this iconic ballroom stage, performing songs that were not far removed from Blur and Oasis in their early years.

With lots of old fashioned Rock N Roll swagger warming up the swelling audience beautifully in preparation for Divine’s first-ever “Killing Joke”Live experience. For Divine, the anticipation was huge as it was for everyone in the rammed ballroom, as the old masters took to the stage and launched into “Love Like Blood” They had us, completely and my Killing Joke hymen was beginning to break. Dr Jaz Coleman joined Youth, Geordie, Paul and Nick to a heroes welcome and the dance was on. I was very much in awe, the Soundsystem was massive and the sound production sublime. A chemistry of confidence (and experience) Emitted from the stage. Each of the band members had such a massive presence in their expertise as they delivered one of the best live experiences I have had in my life. Dr Jaz Colemans intense vocal delivery and theatrical grace represented why we are who we are, the post punk generation that became the tribe as a way of life, alternative culture.and a big fuck you to Tory rule and stiffs everywhere.

Performance Art at its finest.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

Photography: Raymond Speedie

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