Charm Of Finches in Glasgow

Glad Cafe, Glasgow
28th May, 2022

This was my first visit to the well known south side of Glasgow’s Glad Cafe. It offered a very bright and spacious environment that had gone through major changes due to the Covid climate. You walk down a corridor, through the pub/restaurant and into a gig space at the back.
The room was half full for the evening’s performance by Charm of Finches. A very informative duo from Australia the two sisters; Mable and Ivy had travelled far and were very excited to be there.

For support we had Scott who was a solo act of guitar and vocal. His songs were of ultra realness as he beautifully sang about a time spent in the military. He was open about this theme and his lyrics were so fragile and sad. It was a 3 or 4 song set of music that has helped him a little in coping with the realities of wanting to be in the army against the facts of what happens when you do so; I don’t think he would recommend it for anyone. It was a endearing intro to the evening to come.

Then appeared Charm of Finches on the intimate stage, dressed in fine attire there was a guitar, violin and keyboard piano on set and they took to us with their story’s of experiences. They were jovial with us and we were welcomed into the performance with smiles and no little gratitude.

Immediately they were deep into their songs and styles with voices to die for. I practiced looking away so as to absorb the music in its purity and boy did it work. Their first tune for this recital quality act had in it the line ‘…concentrate on breathing’ to begin to their credit an amazing bond of beauty and vocal forbearance.

It’s always amazing to see and hear acts that are so well unified; making music that escape trappings and almost naturally give the world of things in an atmosphere of cosy professionalism. In all ways a truly splendid act of intimate giving just inviting us to enjoy. These two had travelled far in Victoria, Australia, but this will be their first exciting cruise outside of their heart land. And this little plush and comfortable venue was their only choice for the whole of Scotland but they expressed a desire to return for more.

They may well do this as they drive their act across the ocean and hopefully into our living rooms and what not. When we sat in our seats we saw in the roots for this duo who swayed in movements and in a strong musical kinship that was nothing less than powerful being accompanied with overwhelming music that their voices seemed to call upon.

Before each song, old and new, they graciously, politely and resolutely introduced the themes and origins of each and in their young life death had come to play a part in a big way. They were definitely completely unafraid to speak and speak well of anything they wanted to include, with lyrics that surpassed the heights and live up to great meaningful almost poetics.

Their story of success so far is pretty much just as awesome as their tight music, tight yet lyrical, provocative, beautiful and for the high and low times that was all for this show. Often in dark sadness they were two strong people and are well capable of running this act with every positive step that they make. I’m going to get their 2019 album ‘Your Company’ for when I need it and to partake in further listening of this two vocal harmony with classical guitar licks and sultry undertones. A duo who take life as it comes and are prolifically writing about it all. Playing music that almost forgives the world and its incenses. The future must be secured in our tender circumstances on it. They sing with everything so as to entail their responsibilities for what we do here.

Daniel Donnelly

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