The Gulps

The Hug & Pint, Glasgow
2nd June, 2022

Glasgow’s Hug and Pint is a stone’s throw from the City Centre it’s known as a vegan restaurant upstairs and a music venue in the basement. It’s a small space that held this June gig by a rapidly rising punk band called The Gulps. They are a group formed from different countries with a singer from Spain who had a great stage persona.

First to step up were the Glaswegian band Tonto, a group who are also set to do well. They had the set up of two guitars, a bass, drum and flamboyant vocalist. It was refreshing to take in the intimate gig that exploded with volume turned up fully. Their sound had a feeling of the early nineties Manchester music scene which took me back to those special days. Engaging the crowd to dance and party with some very well written songs set to create a vibrant atmosphere.

After this strong start to the evening up stepped Mark Maclean, an act who is also circling this new scene, to play his songs of vocal and guitar, his nuance was a mixture of folk sang with a gutsy expression and rock that he made something personal of. After Tonto had hit the stage and Mark played his set he announced the coming presence of The Gulps and there was sense of something about to happen.

They came on already with a visual spectacle dressed as different characters from the music world, rockers, punks and what not. Diving straight in and engaging with their new punk thrust. They’ve caused quite a stir among critics who have hailed them as new Kings of proper punk. As they worked their way through their very sultry tones there was an obvious willingness to do nothing less but conquer through the facets of their gutsy act and tribute to punk with that effect.

Their emphatic media attention was evident making videos and composing photographs that will I hope be found in the magazines that helped stir the original punk casts now so long ago. I think the need has once again arisen for an exploration being answered by this band in particular, unafraid to announce themselves with conviction.

The room stepped up with the band which had a rarity enjoyed by all. Vocals rang with titles like ‘King of the Disco’ which was a tune to rearrange what had seemed like a tired dogma.

The night was just that, a night fit for celebration and a night that transcended stereo type. With music you’ll want to hear again also in its recorded element because this was no tirade but rather a carefully amounted and vitally young experience of nothing less than total charm.

He touched the roof which I enjoyed as it said so much about the situation of the very act of socialising itself a simple thing that brought the room even further together with the greatness of that magic touch. If you’re reading this I would like you to know that the band had already done all the upsizing needed so there is no need for me to exaggerate in any way.

They’re going to bring a new meaning to success because now’s the time to talk about them. They have released an EP called ‘In the Kings house’ and it’s a place to find the space to come alive again

Blowing straight past hesitance with music once again as the vehicle, and as an entourage to cover the glory of ripped jeans, leather jackets and the true fun at the roots of rock and roll. It was exciting to be there, a joy to remember and one of the friendliest and lively atmospheres you could have, if you think you don’t like punk I think you’ll be surprised!

Daniel Donnelly

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