The Meadows Festival

4th & 5th June 2022

Yesterday, I headed along The Innocent Railway Path and onto to The Meadows Festival to catch The Smoking Jefferies, Black Wolf trap, The Victor Pope Band and Black Cat Bone. The sun was glorious as each of the bands played a blinder, from the Ska and big band sound that really entertained from The Smoking Jefferies a band of experienced musicians from Edinburgh who are making a name for themselves through hard work and determination, have caught them at Lindisfarne Festival last year and Decembers premier of Black Wolf Trap at Bannermans and countless times at Audio Soup and Eden. The smoking Jefferies really get the party started.

Sean Campbell- saxophone
Elliot Cresswell-bass
Lei brown- drums
Bernie Fitzsimmons-guitar
Fraser Thomson-guitar
Robyn husband- bk singer
Tam treanor-keys
Geoff rowan- singer

Black Wolf Trap fronted by the amazing “Jamie Kierra” A performance artist that has earned his stripes on the live circuit in Scotland with his previous band Jamie And Shoony. Blackwolf Trap are a powerhouse of Drum And Bass, Lewis Linnington and Richey Neil combined performing the musical template for Jamie’s fizzing personality and vocal prowess. If one likes ones rock n roll deep, dirty and well funky. Blackwolf Trap will appeal. The massive congregation thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Indeed two bands that are going places. Brilliant stuff.

Next up, The Victor Pope Band a handsome band of merry men that produce a Punk As Fuck Hybrid of well-crafted songs and melodies again perfect for a Sunny Afternoon. Steven Vickers miraculous transformation into Victor Pope. His songs are packed with good humour and wit. A Victor Pope Band performance is always an event, because Steven Vickers supporting musicians are really hot and incredibly musically talented. With Graham Mackay on Bass and the musically versatile and multi talented musician Roy Jackson, with borrowed from The Smoking Jefferies, Lei brown- on drums As you can guess, I had a really good time ❤

Then on came Black Cat Bone. Deeper and dirtier Rock N Roll Blues. ​Have seen this band and performed as DJ Divine at Black Cat Bone gigz in the past. They are a band of experienced and talented musicians, that really appealed to everyone’s 1960’s Inner Love Child. They were brilliant as always I really got down to such fine Rock N Roll Groove ❤

Ross Craig – Forntman/ harmonica player
Ewan Mackenna – Bass / Backing Vocals/ Bow
Jamie Beaton – lead guitar / backing vocals
Kai Wallace – Drummer

All in all perfect weather. Perfect Bands and loads and loads of friends that I havenae seen in ages. We had an after-party in Leith and I walked back over Arthurs Seat, making haste along The Innocent Railway Path To get Home to Niddrie Mill before sunset.

Then this morning,I realised that I had left my mobile at the afterparty, So this morning it was back along The Innocent railway Path and back over ancient volcano, picked my phone up. Thankyou Steve. Popped in to see Ross to arrange arrival at Eden on Wednesday. Then up through town to the Meadows to catch Supa Da And Kryptonites and Big Fat Panda. Of which i will write more of later. Because am knackered and hungry, Hungry Like A Wolf ❤

I didn’t get chance to see all of the bands that performed on Sunday Afternoon, it was totally by chance that I arrived just as Supa Da And The Kryptonites were sound checking, fucking A, I hadn’t seen these guys perform since The Castle Party in 2019. I was needing a dance and these guys really are the antidote to not dancing. Jay Supa struck a handsome presence in his skin-tight white jeans delivering funky rap with a supporting Bigband,

Rachel Duns – Tenor Sax and Jazz Flute.
Josie Beth – Alto Sax and Keys
Jonathan Ashwood – Drums
Francesco Castello – Bass
Shaun Evans – Guitar

Wendy McAuslan Vocals

It was Good Time funkiness, Jay had the Meadows Festival audience in the palm of his hand a demonstration of an expert showman and when he took his Tshirt off to introduce his new six-pack and lovely muscular toned torso and the tight white jeans, Mr Supa was channelling Freddie Mercury somewhat, total eye candy for the ladies and gentlemen of a certain persuasion. Jays vocals are always brilliant and his stagecraft huge, raising the goodtime groove on The Meadows on a Sunday Afternoon.

Big Fat Panda are becoming one of Scotland’s leading SKA acts. A band that are celebrated for the Skanking big band sound. Fronted by Big Andy, The Big Fat Panda sound is like a time tunnel to the 80,s Ska explosion bringing everyones inner Rude Boy to the fore. Everyone was up for this, dancing in The Sunshine, the highlight for Divine was a Ska rendition of Sally Cinnamon by the Stone Roses. Thanks, lads another brilliant performance.

Andrew Laidlaw Vocals.
Andy Dins keys
Alex Read guitar
Alex Weir trumpet
Mike Cashin sax
Kat Brown trumpet
Tam Kane Bass
Merty Davidson drums

After a coffee and a natter with Louise. I was tired and hungry, so with thoughts of the walk home I headed for The Innocent Railway Path and enjoyed the lovely walk back through Duddingston to Niddrie Mill. It is such a lovely lovely walk. This is a very healing area in which to live, am settling in. ❤

Review : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

Supa Da And The Kryptonites. Photo by Jay Stupa.
All other photos by Raymond Speedie

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