The Parrots with Memes

Broadcast, Glasgow
June 14th, 2022

Attendance was sparse as the up and coming Loup Havenith took to the stage. This three band gig was held at the Broadcast pub and venue on Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street with the street freshly refurbished and renovation with cycle lanes and street lights.

Also performing were the Glasgow act Memes and the Spanish made The Parrots who were to headline. During his solo performance Loup in his loneliness admitted that such things are character building he smiled and left the stage.

Memes are a Glasgow act who take their name from the word meme meaning repetition and replication. They interestingly entered from the back of the space in a black and white boiler suit costume. It was just the two on bass, guitar and vocal, though they played the ruckus drum beats with pre-recordings.

They stood out, and there was a certain humbleness about them that was laid to rest as they began their set. Their sound boomed in manic and racing playing and they had enthusiasm and drive right for just that, in a more full room I think they would work very well to have a close musical encounter.

But here came the headliners The Parrots. It looked like everyone there were fans and followers as the room had filled a little. They were well versed as a punky rock n’ roll band who have for many years been recording multiple albums and putting tours under their belt.

At its roots again the music and evening was totally dedicated to heightened fun and with so few people there t felt a lot like a party among friends. Some songs were in Spanish and some were done in English. The four of them partied kicking the door in with the powerfully charged punk style anthemic super charged and benevolent show down where reaching love might matter, for fans.

He stepped from the stage to strut into the front of crowd as he also took great care of us with a well oiled range of octave’s and in a certain lurching attitude. After every song we were only too eager for the next and as I said the momentum was nonstop and without hesitance.

On the night it didn’t matter about the low crowd, perhaps giving it a special edge, because the ready musical fulfilment had reached the room around every corner with flamboyant joy to cheer up almost any crowd very much enhanced by fans of the group.

The performance only broke character when after their last song he slid to the floor in seeming exhaustion that only brought about a bigger appreciation for the evenings unfolding. If you love music or simply want a good time of an eve, The Parrots will help you do that, with their finely tuned and importantly loud, screaming act of a man in euphoria.

Daniel Donnelly

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