Groove Armada

The Junction 1 Festival
Glasgow. Sunday 31st July

Hi Honey I’m Home.

What a lovely rock n roll couple of days it has been. I woke up on Sunday Morning So Had breakfast, a shower and put some thought into looking cool as fuck.

I left the house at 9.30 am, it was raining and blowing, Hmm I thought maybe shorts, a black dinner jacket and my fave black shirt, Hair freshly tinted Crazy Colour Rouge Red. With just a touch of eyeliner, I wondered if I had overestimated the lovely summer we are having, Och I had my brolly in case things got out of hand, so am on the 30 bus, gets to Nicolson st and pulled my cash card out of my pocket to realise that it was nae my cash card . but my Council Tax Card. I didnae have any other money on me, so had no option but to get off the 30 bus at The Cats Protection Leagues bus stop on Nicolson St. I walked back home along the innocent railway path. Got home, the card was in the pocket of the shorts that I was wearing on Saturday. It took 35mins to walk the Innocent Railway Footpath and it did me the world of good.. So the 30 to Princes St and the 900 to Glasgow To go and see Kelis and Groove Armada at the Junction 1 festival.

When I got on the 900, I fell asleep and woke up just as the bus was pulling on to Buchanon St Bus Station. Must have been that early morning exertion. So I headed to catch up with my festy companions of the day, Raymond Speedie, Al Roberts. Teri Welsh and Lotty. They were all a bit worse for wear, having already done two days of this pop up festival. All the main stage stage performances were cancelled because of a dispute over payment on Saturday night. Luckily the DJs wear top Notch and the Leftfield Set will have been brilliant. By the time I got to Teri’s I was raring to dance, Al and Teri needed a disco nap, So myself Raymond and Lotty went for a wander around the West End and Kelvin Grove Park. It was very pleasant indeed.

After Pizza and beverages, we got a taxi, to the most unusual of festivals, very industrial with the main stage right next to the M74, We got our guests and back stage wrist bands and i was off. Brilliant house DJs had me in the Groove. Within 5 mins of Dancing to Kelis I started to feel better. The sheer love coming from the young lasses who knew every word fo every song. It made my heart smile and the bass was rattling my rib, cage.

After Kelis I went and joined the lengthy queue for one of the ten cubicles in which to have a wazz. Had a really good natter with Kirsty McNicol who was standing in front of me, Too few loos for a festy population of that size consuming rather expensive alcohol. I was straight back into the groove after having a waz. Had a great dance, then back into the main arena for Groove Armada. Who were fresh from triumphant shows In Bristol and Ireland. It was spectacular, the light show was out of this world, the vocalists, all stars in their own right brought The Hits of Groove Armada to life, it was just as brilliant as The Barrowland Ballroom Gig in April. (More in a bit am hungry and want my Tea ❤ )

The house DJs really were exceptional. And is part of the course with The Groove Armada massive everyone was up for this exceptional show of performance art. It was at the Barrowland Ballroom Gig that the light and laser show was revealed, I thought then how wonderful it will be to experience this in a festival setting. I wasn’t disappointed However the setting did leave a lot to be desired, Of which the quality entertainment on offer totally distracted everyone. The dancefloor in the main arena was rubble, I really felt for the people wearing high heels, good job I had my good stout walking boots on and to the left of the stage one could see the traffic wizzing past on the M74. It was the last place anyone would want to be on a beautiful Sunny Sunday evening. Especially when there are so many beautiful parks in Glasgow. Good job we were nae there for the aesthetics we were there for the Rock N Roll. When Kelis finished the performance the Arena cleared really quickly and the lass that was DJing next, was playing to an empty arena of a building site, next to the M74. Everyone had gone to support the local DJs in the Adjacent arena with an astroturf dancefloor boogie, boogie, boogie. They were really really good. I went to give the DJ in the main arena a bit of moral support, There was no way a rug could be cut on the broken stone rubble.

However the GA light and laser show was firing up and the main arena filled up really quickly, The only flat surface on which to dance was centre stage on the plastic that covers the cables to the PA. Perfect stereo and a few inches higher to really take in the lasers and lightshow. Had been listening to Groove Armada’s “Lovebox”, Vertigo and Good Bye Country And Hello Niteclub” all week. This music and uplifting songs have been part of my life for 20 years or so to hear them live is always nothing less than an exhilarating joy for the senses. I was singing along in the same way the lassies did for Kelis.

MC MAD, Veba and Saint Saviour along with the Amazing Groove Armada Electronics of Andy Cato and Tom Findlay have made the Greatest Hits tour and the songs performed so great. Groove Armada bring the party to the people in great style. It was fantastic. with Dorian Dolem on Guitar and Martin Carling on Drums. These guys have taken The 25 Year Anniversary tour to thousands of people since the tour started in March, having performed in Bristol on Friday and in Ireland Headlining the Splendour n The Grass Festival on Saturday Night. As one can imagine everyone was tired but performed fantastically. So being invited to the after party by Mike Daniels who ensured that we had backstage access. Thankyou Mike It was a rare joy to be in the same room with such amazingly talented people. Brilliant conversations were had after I had come out of Starstruckness. Getting back to Teri Welsh’s pad at about 3am I was buzzing the day had certainly been a tonic for the soul.

Photos by Al Roberts and Raymond Speedie. Words Divine ❤

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