Jeff Mills @ Leith Theatre

Edinburgh International Festival


Jeff Mills is touring with his latest opus ‘Tomorrow comes the Harvest’ alongside keyboard legend Jean-Phi Dary and tabla maestro Prabhva Edouard. Original co -rocker co founder Afro Beat pioneer Tony Allen died in 2019.

‘We are just going do some new stuff from our upcoming album’.

Not the words you want to hear.

Jeff Mills. Jeff Mills. The Wizard. The founder of Underground Resistance. The man who brought Derrick May Juan Atkins and the like to the light.

Is exploring some ‘new free jazz directions’

You don’t ask Boris Becker for financial advice.

You don’t go to Doctor Shipman for a second opinion

And you don’t go to hear Jeff Mills playing the Bongos.

This was the techno equivalent of a lap dance.

All bats and no belfry

The Bells

The Bells

Noodling bollox


Adam McCully

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