The Dolly Parton Story

theSpace @ Symposium Hall
Aug 14-28 (12:15)

Not so long ago I was in my bookshop on Arran listening to the best of Dolly Parton CD, & for the first time I heard the wonders of her Love Is Like A Butterfly. Oh my god that’s one sexy tune, in a sweet non-sext way. I’ve even put it as the ballad in my disco hip-hop set is that fuc£in’ good. Anyways, the Fringe arrives in my life, in one corner of which are the Night Owl Shows at the superb arena that is Edinburgh’ Symposium Hall.

Of course I was gonna see the Dolly Parton Show, which contains two of the Night Owl team – a young bonnie singer & an exceptional acoustic guitarist in a cowboy hat. They’re a busy bunch these Night owls; the singer, Hannah Richards, does 4 shows a day for example. Anyways, it was well wicked, a blend of wonderfully sung & play’d tunes mixed with wikipedia style narratives & projected images detailing Dolly’s fascinating life story. Learning that Elvis wanted to sing her I will Always Love You in return for owning half the song, a proposal swiftly rejected, would be an act karma would have mischievous fun with, for the royalties Dolly got from Whitney Houston’s version gave Dolly the money with which to buy Graceland.

All the classic were there – Two Doors Down, 9-5, Jolene, Islands in the. Stream. But one tune was missing – Love is Like A Butterfly. After 9-5 & Jolene its literally the third best Parton tune & I was like wtf! Anyways, I don’t normally do this, in fact never, but being the last to leave the arena I walk’d up to the guitarist unpacking his pedals & I said, ‘hey mate, one quick question.’ ‘Yeah,‘ he replied. ‘What happen’d to Love Is Like Butterfly, its the third best tune,’ I replied to his reply. For a moment he was taken aback, but warmly, & proceeded to tell me that they do know it & perhaps it would be OK to mix the set up a bit. My answer was;

‘Do it – drop that tune yer play after 9-5 & put Butterfly earlier on in the set,’ & with that I left the Symposium Hall singing all sorts of country ditties. The Dolly Parton show is a triumphant blend of music & memories is a Night Owl Show, & when they put Butterfly into the Parton Story it’ll be the best show at the Fringe, but until then I can only award them 4 stars. Its like leaving Figo out of the 2003 Real Madrid Galactico team.


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