The Fleetwood Mac Story

The Space – Symposium Hall
Aug 5 – 28, 16.50

The day was bright with sunshine; the streets were filled to brimming with traversing theatre goers I was in the perfect mood for the life enhancing performance called ‘the Fleetwood Mac Story’. The venue at The Space – Symposium Hall for me is one of the most resplendent I have attended at the fridge it was just framed for a historic rock concert, with its blue leather seats that slope down to the spectacle on stage.

The band stepped on under a wonderful Fleetwood Mac signage, excitement spread in taking their respective places they began with the tune ‘Black Magic Woman’ the sound was right and note perfect, sang with a hinged voice on par with the bluesy tones of the Legend Peter Green.

The room was compelled as a grouping of super fans and the band brought their praise for the life and times and the music in whopping proportions. ‘Black Magic Woman’ was the only song Roberto Picazo would take lead vocals for, leaving him to focus on the lead guitar so much an element of the music Fleetwood Mac made.

To a theatre inviting on stepped the grace of sultry tones of lead singer (standing in huge shoes) Hannah Richards, magic was definitely at hand as the show became more than a tribute but an championing letting rich passions of Fleetwood Mac very much loose and uncaged.

The care taken in presenting this must see performance (11 times at the Fringe)was matched in the sheer joy taken to celebrate the story in its megalomania, success and profound fusions of music. The original band (there were 18 or so different line ups) had it so down so cold they could move between genres of music whenever the mood took them.

The band were electric, dynamic, talented, effortless (timeless), marvellous, distinct, dedicating their entirety to a swell time, of songs from early Peter Green blues (the amazing evocation of the song Albatross) to Rumours to after rumours; Rumours is an album brought out as their 11th in 1977, after many saga’s scince1969, Fleetwood are said to have outsold the Beats and the Rolling Stones to give you an idea of their success and importantly their popularity.

The respect of the musicians telling the story dare I say it was as big as seeing the original for sure, they broke all formality while they played every stroke, line and delivery with revelry, delighting the room with electric rock n’ roll spectacle. I was impressed and blown away by the beauty, of three four voices praising tones of wonder with the profound voice of Alex Beharrell who was just a vocal barrel of a fitting epic quality.

The full band line up, as I feel I must state it was: Hannah Richards as praiseworthy main vocals, Maia Elsy, second vocals, that misty beautiful harmony, Alex Beharrell guitar and astounding vocals, Harry Whitty, that delectable keyboard, James Morgan, playing the heart of the band drums playing his heart out, Noah Nelson, spooky base and one more praise goes to Robert Picazo in the most beautiful tear jerking lead guitar.

What a short 50 min spent in a level of giving so good we weren’t even putty in their hands we were entertained by a story made to rival the gods of all rock and roll, songs as rich as time itself. Hannah’s voice went so well as to humble the whole room, she sang songbird close to tears, as sad as the artist who wrote it (Christine McVie) was when it poured out of her.

If you really love music but aren’t sure or unfamiliar about Fleetwood, please go to enjoy an abundant celebration of it, rarely do we experience quite the gusto, faultless breathtaking example that if you let it will swell your heart two sizes.

Daniel Donnelly

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