Deux Furieuses / War On Women

August 21st
Garage Attic, Glasgow

There is currently a tour happening in the UK of the most refreshing candour. Deux Furieuses (Two Furious Women) are supporting War On Women in a quality reverie of Arthouse Punk. Both bands craft melodic whirlpools of angry energy which suck you in, make you pogo, want to change the world. Last night they reach’d Glasgow & the Garage Attic.

Deux Furieuses are a two-piece; Scottish vocalist/guitarist Ros Cairney and Greek/London-based drummer Vas Antoniadou. The band are currently making a stand for anti-violence against women with their poignant new single ‘Know The Score.’

As Ros sings, she also performs some master guitar-work & fills out the musicality of the band’s sound magnificently, while Vas commits to her cannon-shot snare & rumble drums with flair & confidence. It was a real fucking pleasure to watch them – they really do maintain a sophisticated intensity all the way through their short but vitally snappy set. This is elite level punk.

Good luck to us all as we’re on the same fucking team about this shit
Shawna Potter

Baltimore’s War On Women are led by Shawna Potter, her hair ​dyed brunette & blonde – half one side, half the other – & she flings & shakes it into the audience almost like a weapon, an absolute hypnotizing & psychedelic sight! Behind her are the band – a male drummer, a male guitarist, a female bass player who sneers with menace & a female guitarist with a constant glad-to-be-here grin on her face.

Happy Fans

Both bands’ song-subjects are important & profound; riotous, visceral in-your-face feminism that makes your hear the scream of the countless centuries of patriarchal dominance womenkind have had to endure. OK, I didn’t quite manage to catch every lyric, perhaps one in ten, so powerful were both bands music, but its definitely making me want to listen to both band’s oeuvres, & their inimitable talents, starting right here…


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