The 502s

St Lukes, Glasgow
29th October, 2022

So, I’m just gonna keep this review nice & simple as I guess that’s how I’d sum up the 502’s at St Luke’s. Sorry to these lovely guys, who really do appear to be that kind of lovely you’d take as a plus 1 to a twee wedding. I really wanted to love them, I mean they had big smiles on their faces & an enthusiasm up on stage that you really wanted to be lured in by. But their whites were whiter than white & it felt rather apt that they were playing in a church as not only did they look like they belonged there, but I even felt slightly guilty for not being their fan.

For those of you who don’t know, the 502’s are a 6-piece Floridian folk-pop band comprising of brothers & close friends. They are all talented musicians, with bass, drums, keyboard, banjo, & horns among other instruments. They have such enthusiasm that you can’t help but smile & jiggy about at least for ‘just a little while’ (yip, that’s the name of their biggest hit) even if they’re not your cup of tea. But a few songs in & it just feels like you’ve been dancing to the same track for ages. Ironically, the name of their new release is ‘Just Another’.

Let me put this into context, Amil & the Sniffers were on just round the corner at the Barrowlands & I guess the best way to describe the 502’S is just as complete polar opposites. As always, the sound at St Luke’s was phenomenal. However, while attending the 502’s, I couldn’t help feel that I was missing out on something with more depth & layers; like chips with cheese & gravy or a sausage supper.

This isn’t to say that the gig was all bad, I mean these guys had almost everyone cheering & dancing, & the reason I really wanted to love them is because you can just tell that they are really good guys. I mean they even took a fan’s phone off her & took a selfie after the bouncer had got all angry at said fan for trying to get too close. However, that’s as rock & roll as they got. I wouldn’t mind knowing which soap powder they use for those whites though.

Norma Dupen

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