Body Meat / Injury Reserve

Summerhall, Edinburgh

By playing in erstwhile Dental College turned labyrinthine multi purpose arts venue Summerhall Arizona’s Injury Reserve score some sonic serendipity. Their first acknowledged release ‘Live from a Dentists Office’ (2015) having been recorded in producer Parker Corey’s grandad’s dentist’s dentistry.

I fucking hate apostrophes’

In a similar vein they are supported by Body Meat in the building’s Dissection Hall.

Couldn’t make it up.

Body Meat, Philly based performer muso producer and genre whupping beats laden nutjiob Christopher Taylor rocks up.  A sound like the unwanted child of Aphex Twin and Burial banished to the cupboard beneath the stairs with a glitching ZX80 and all copies of ‘Now that’s what I call music’  !980-2010.

Have a listen to ‘Year of the Orc’ Partisan Records.

If you like that sort of thing.

Injury Reserve. not to be brought down by the loss of original chief rocker Stepa J. Groggs  in 2020 step up. Ritchie with a T on the mic bossing the stage and Corey with a P and some other punter with a ? getting intergalactic on the electronics.

Blinding Lights Hawkwind on Acid Zombie Punk Public Enemy Anger Protest Pain and P Funk. Throbbing menacing bass ominously loud feedback way too much smoke over the top strobes mental electronica and a headbin shouting down a mic …

If that doesn’t spell top night to you

well then

in the words of

Zigue Zigue Sputnik

‘You’re a sad cunt’

All I’m saying.

Excellent sound married to a proper pro performance

Like getting your tooth pulled by Lieutenant Uhura when they still gave out charlie at the dentists.

Adam McCully’

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