All the Young

13th Note, Glasgow
10th November, 2022

Down in the famous 13th Note basement I had arrived early to take in sound checks, every amp was turned up and thumping drums kicked into the as yet empty room. I was then happy because I realised I was at a good old rock n’ roll gig.

‘All the Young’ are a group who have been getting better and better, in a movement that could be snow balled. The Stoke on Trent based band offer a great night of fun and muses. First up though was a band called ‘Oh Romance’, a four piece act with songs of love and lore. Mixing heavy metal with grunge, punk and rock n’ roll; their music was pieced together with an interesting style that came through greatly.

So around 9 o’clock on stepped ‘All the Young’ who also made the music as a 4 piece and kept up the sizable noise, reaching your belly and filling it with talent and great rich lyrical craft. ‘…the Young’ are fast on their musical journeys through pubs and clubs and they were able to enjoy so many levels each had to contribute; its pace and a calm but jovial and explosive lead vocals; who announced an escape through music in a desire to leave their roots behind, a thing familiar since early blues and rock n’ roll, all of which gave the music an edge of camaraderie.

Their presence grew as the songs progressed, easing in the compositions with fascinating guitar licks and good vibes coming from the stage. The songs were chopped up into fragments that went so well together, I particularly enjoyed the lead guitar, on a lovely white Gibson. His licks cut through every song making a kind of sultry beauty that was well worth enjoying.

The crowd too were loving it, and I noticed some lip synching so there were some fans there too. The band have the strength of studio work behind them and are touring with their new album ‘Tales of Grandeur’, a name that explains itself set to release this year 16th December also releasing a single from that album called ‘City of Love’

What they are bringing together is joy and sorrow in life put into some ruckus music to shake the walls but brings a greatly positive message so well achieved through their music. Creating a sense of looking up even at the lowest of times, but they also bring to the table a good grip on rock n’ roll and dare I say it British rock n’ roll. The conception of the music was free, the subject also and the style was a homage but also certainly had plenty of originality, that just made you jive.

Being back at the 13th Note, in all of its minimalist scribbled glory and cave like presence reminded me of all the music that has swept through, as bands have made their journey into the highs and lows. ‘All the Young’ suited the space; they stood there like they were at home, jiving through heavy rock, and making a battle through well written music that you don’t quickly forget, they are touring and recording with a sense of ‘we will go on’, so when you see them be prepared to get down.

Daniel Donnelly

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