The Soundhouse Choir & Guests

Queens Hall, Edinburgh
Saturday 26th November, 2022

The Soundhouse Choir, found its origins in 2016, when Heather Macleod, a singer, teacher, arranger and producer. Began The Soundhouse Choir Project, which has continued to grow, with its heart in the Edinburgh community, with an ethos of inclusion and give it a go spirit. Everyone is heard and music is made. Soundhouse Choir’s ripple effect of well-being and positive energy flows far beyond the rehearsal room or the stage. The experience is an exciting and creative joy ride; a choir for all voices, driven by dynamism, professionalism, good humour and musical inspiration. It has the heart of a community choir and the soul of a big band.

Tonight’s performance is a fundraiser for The Soundhouse Choir Project, with all profits going to fund their championing of live music.
The theme of the concert is inspired by Fair Saturday. The day after Black Friday, thousands of artists and cultural organisations around the world get together in a unique festival and support social causes through their event. The global Fair Saturday movement’s aim is to promote social inclusion, kindness and sharing.

Fair Saturday places art and culture at the centre of society. In these uncertain times, it is more necessary than ever to acknowledge the work of artists and cultural and social organisations and to support their work so they can continue to create and generate a positive impact.The Queen’s Hall is proud to have been a supporter of the initiative since 2018.

Presented by The Queen’s Hall and the Soundhouse Organisation
As I took my seat for this evening of groundbreaking musical excellence the ambience of The Queens Hall relaxed me, the stage bathed in a beautiful blue light and with a capacity audience in collective excitement and anticipation of what was to come. The enormous in numbers and talent, Soundhouse Choir took to the stage. Introduced and directed by Heather Macleod The Queen’s Hall was filled with vocal harmony with beautiful renditions of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Starting Over, followed by Moloko’s “Sing It Back With Inge Thomson on electronic treatments, Keyboards and beautiful vocals taking the lead for the final song from this art house massive, Anise Pearson joined the collective as The Queen Of Harps, to deliver a beautiful piece called Fractured Hearts, dedicated her late Mum, Heidi Exquisitely moving, angelic harmonies of musical grace.

As the choir left the stage. sparsity became the setting. with Phil Bancroft on Saxophone, and Graeme Stephen on guitar. Tom Bancroft on drums providing a fusion of Jazz-tinged genius and poetic magic by Edinburgh Makar Hannah Lavery. Performing her epic poem, “Edinburgh” the audience were totally soaking up this cultural fix, which led us to the interval.

The performance’s second half kept the experimental Jazz flowing with a different fusion. this time with beautiful Gaelic renditions of songs performed by the amazing Kathleen MacInnes, This was a deeply moving night of explorative avant-garde entertainment. Totally gripping from start to finish.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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