Glasgow Street Sound

Room 2
Thurs 8th December, 2022

4 musical acts were to perform in a night about City streets (Glasgow) & busking. Room 2 is a great venue and there was a special soul at the place last night. It’s special in that its layout was so well designed so that it can be host to any and every form of music there is. The night may prove beneficial for the ever so personal acts, all of whom stayed wonderfully in character, an evening for guitar and vocals, to own the stage in its also decent proportions.

Killer Whale (a powerful name for a band) came on a stage that was ready to celebrate and in some way inform. Hi stance was heroic, reflecting the evening and his voice was very ready to be listened to. He took a jam (musical) and merged lyrics that were hot, while warming up the room. The sense of celebration formed another woolly jumper creating a tight circumstance of pure heart.

Second on was a musician calling himself ‘Flew the arrow!’His music embarked on an honest passage. Wonderfully skilled of course, beautiful songsmanship through which he easily conveyed some great opinions opening things up. His style was all old Scottish (native) tradition, his melodies were transitional and he gave the musical proceedings a great hoist of wisdom and gratitude.

So we were at no 3, missions accomplished at the bar and what not. Ivy Gno nervously picked up her electric guitar and with bravado performed songs she had written herself still as a teenager. She kicked in with a voice to die for and youth on her side, fitting together so well the immediacy found the intimacy for a night well put together.

So as the final act took to the stage offering to be the last to make the statement that music conveys with a concurrence of appearance, in this talent and wisdom joyfully concentric was what Motopia (technology) would bring to the table. We got to really praise the stage forgetting to adhere to being an audience member who were delighted by what they saw and listened to.

So strong was the voice, the participation an evening given to the streets, to music, to love, to care…? an amazing show casing for all of these successful and driven performers. It was as if to look at the streets in fairness you have to walk into it and see what’s what. Little introduction for the bands themselves was needed we were treated to a take on music that was a show of strength and victory over needless suffering and necessary pain. A wonderful 3 hours of untameable and beautiful music.

Daniel Donnelly

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