The Real World And The Gerry Jablonski Band

The Voodoo Rooms
Edinburgh Blues Club
26th January 2023

The award-winning Edinburgh Blues Club opened its doors tonight in one of Edinburgh’s most prestigious and pretty venues, The Voodoo Rooms, a compact venue that has housed great musical talent over many years… and tonight was no exception. Especially if one likes one’s Rock N Roll deep and dirty, performed with the musical mastery of experienced Blues Wizards, & to a packed house and enthusiastic audience.

First up. The Real World.
Gregor Gilmour, Guitar And Vocals.
Ian Fisher. Guitar And Vocals
Andrew Merchant. Drums.
Jim Carr. Bass.

The Real World are a Glaswegian four-piece of consummate musicians, whose hearts are lodged in the greatness of the 60’s. With strong influences of Hendrix and The Stones, they whipped up a funky storm that certainly got me in the groove, with a combined chemistry and musicianship that was both infectious and educational, & included a tribute to the great and late, Jeff Beck. I learned something new tonight. Stevie Wonder wrote Superstition for Mr Beck. i was glad I got to the venue early, because Real World are a real gem of musical ear candy, a band that demonstrates how great Rock n Roll should be done, proving to be the greatest support for tonight’s headliners. I couldnae help thinking how perfect this band would be for Rabbies Tavern at Eden Festival. Oh yes baby I loved them.

The Gerry Jablonski Band.
Gerry Jablonski, guitar, vocals
Peter Narojczyk, harmonica
Lewis Fraser, drums, vocals
Grigor Leslie, bass, backing vocals

The Real World warmed the venue up expertly and perfectly for tonight’s Headliners, The Gerry Jablonski Band. Heralding from Aberdeenshire, I dinnae think that I was prepared for how brilliant this was going to be. Showcasing new material from their critically acclaimed long player, “105,” it’s a hard rocking, thoroughly engaging body of work, and the musical craftsmanship is nothing less than mesmerizing. Each of the band members brings a virtuoso of talent to the table. ith a spell-binding chemistry that thrilled the packed to the rafters Voodoo Rooms. Peter Narojczyk’s harmonica playing was next level brilliant – The harmonica was as much of a lead instrument as the guitars and vocals -, while the call and response between Gerry’s expert guitar licks was reminiscent of the chemistry between David Bowie and Mick Ronson.

Drummer, Lewis Fraser, combined the deepest penetrating rhythms while sharing lead vocals. Divine’s a drummer, and I know how difficult it is to play and sing at the same time, however Lewis took it in his stride. Completing the rhythm section on bass and vocals, Grigor Leslie combined to deliver the best live performance I have seen for quite some time. A true blessing to witness this level of musical perfection in such a small venue. Am still blown away with how good this performance was.

Just brilliant and without a doubt 5 Stars. The Real World And The Gerry Jablonski Band rocked my world tonight and found a new fan in Divine. Good Time ❤

Words: Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert
Photography: Raymond Speedie

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