Eliza Carthy & The Restitution / Angeline Morrison

Strathclyde Suite, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
30th Jan, 2023

Angeline Morrison took to the stage in a white and black flowery dress. At The Strathclyde Suit of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall’s’ third floor the room was full. She had done much in her young years and began with a flow. Soft and moving in temperance she bore herself to bring her music about her songs. ‘The Brown girl and other folk songs’ her 2022 album is in another world of self written music.

She had a style that complimented her many years of study. And in her retelling she swore against injustice by talking truthfully. These honest songs are prevalent for the festival, placing a free speech concerning history with any potential of an upsetting yet timely place onstage.

Her naturalness stood out, she stroked her instruments and gave a sense with whispered singing and loving hands. In a joyous turn of events Angeline was the perfect beginning for the shows intentions. Setting us up with our backs straightened a little.

Eliza Carthy arrived backed by her band ‘The Restitution’ who have evolved their styles to express the state of restitution that lives long in hearts. Placed it in a timeless presence of celebration and joy, the rolling boundaries were immediately lost. In her larger than life presence, they thundered through their first tune. Liveliness billowed out of the 6 piece band including piano, fiddle, some guitar and drum; the energy between them was on all their faces with smiles and jovial laughter.

Another bunch of styles mixed and well planted together, looking to speak your mind in lyrics and story’s behind those. The cleverness of writing was coupled with the experience of the band. Well used to showing up to have and give a good time for all and having the highest of reaches. It felt even operatic in moments, with heavy metal being played with fiddle as the centre. She stood smiling in a black robe and raised her arms while in a great state of managing her stories (some true and some only slightly true).

It was those most interesting lyrics that gave the fun its theatrical timing in a performance of voice and entourage. Really gripping them in a tight hand and with a gutsy, gypsy quality choosing truths being quite unafraid of risking offending anyone, she delivered it with grace instead, up front.

Knowing herself, she put the music into a kind of proportion as the band bonded between their instruments, in a constantly masterfully skilled and tasteful embarkation. We were in the carriage for the whole ride and what an exciting ride it was with swift and decisive and ambitious ambience.

Angeline Morrison

Playing into a melting pot of styles of music that still found originality in every moment. A night for murder, wisdom, passion, and pain, put on with a band that created a greatly expanding presence. Had a great message and I got the message loud and clear! They were affably, brilliantly talented and brought out a heavy weight in the light of joy and love.

A singer who knew how to perform and how to reach hearts and heads, with a sound resounding on so many levels to cover any great time. Great, look forward to more; you’re blessed if you get to see them: Eliza Carthy & The Restitution.

Daniel Donnelly

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