Orbital Rebirthed

When I took in Orbital at Solfest last year, I couldn’t help thinking how apoplectic the whole presentation was with an emphasis on western man’s slavitude to the capitalist machine, With stark images projected onto the mega screens of Earth’s crippling industry, The very things people go to festivals to escape. From a critical perspective, I thought it was all problem and no solution. It was great art though and mesmerizingly presented.

Orbital The New Album. Optical Delusion ❤ (First Impressions)

I nipped into town today to the HMV on Princes Street in Edinburgh to snap up the new Orbital Long Player. Optical Illusion. Have got it on a loop as I am writing this. ❤

The opening track “Ringa Ringa” alternatively titled “The Old Pandemic Folk Song” opens with an unmistakably Orbital Bass Line and launches into the nursery rhyme “Ring A Ring Of Roses” with vocals by The Medevil Babes” Proves to be a brilliant opener for a trip into Orbital Land. Boogie Boogie Boogie ❤

Day one follows and is already my fave Dance Anthem of the year. A contemporary take on Classic Orbital, unbelievably catchy and the perfect tune in which to lose ones self on the dancefloor.

Are You Alive? Which is the current single is a beautiful piece of music and vocal sung by a lady called Penelope Isles. The electronic intrigue is very much present in Optical Illsutions only ballad, packed with melodic synth lines that sing as beautifully as Ms Isles.

You Are The Frequency (If You Wan to) An electronic hymn to the higher power. Indeed, why wouldn’t you? With cheeky, Acid House synths to awaken anyone’s inner raver.

The New Abnormal follows suit to continue the dance delving into Trip Hop, Its a Hoola Hoop Spinner

Home. With lead Vocal by Anna B Clavage A poetic homage to global warming. with words that are sung beautifully to drill in the fact that Mother Earth is our only home. Come what may, The earth Mother will take back eventually, that which has been taken.

The first of the singles, Dirty Rat dueted with The Sleaford Mods is a single that has been working its way into my consciousness since its release. A political truth anthem and Tory baiting beauty of a song, set to the Hartnol brothers’ brilliant beats and electronics.

Requiem For The Pre-Apocalypse. The album’s only Drum N Bass offering, styled with lots of lovely Orbital touches and synth flourishes Indeed an engaging beauty of a track The Pre Apocalypse sounds really good. (Rewind)

What A Surprise. Is a fully rewarding piece of ear candy, Electronica inspiring my inner choreographer, The beats infecting my limbs with Robotic Moves, Its a keeper. ❤

And Last but not least. The final track on this excellent long player. Moon Princes ❤ Beautiful vocals performed by a lady called “Coppe” A beautiful electronic symphony of a song, expertly demonstrates the variety and scope of lush electronica.

The Divine Conclusion.

Optical Delusion is brilliant throughout packed with accessible and thoroughly entertaining elrctronica. It is a cohesive work of art that holds one from start to finish. (Its still on a loop) Its all killa with nae filla ❤

The Conundrum?

I was looking for a solution to the problems presented by Orbital at Solfest. Then I realised I was looking too hard. After all it was the great James Brown that stated, “Dance Solves Most Problems.” He wasnae wrong, Dance is the solution.

See Ya On The Dancefloor at SWG3.

Five Stars ❤


Galvanizers, SWG3

Tuesday, March 28th

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