The Devout

La Belle Angele

Have loved Depeche mode since I was a kid. From the humble Basildon beginnings, when Vince Clarke was the chief writer and composer that penned the first hits that propelled the band to stardom. When Vince Clarke left Depeche Mode, it brought the first incarnation of the band to an unexpected climax (Vince Clarke went on to form two megasuccwssful groups, Yazoo and Erasure.

The departure of Clarke pushed the songwriting genius of Martin Gore to the fore, pain and suffering never sounded or looked so good, inspiring an increasing audience with an increasingly Gothic slant. So much so that the legion of Depeche Mode Devotees were affectionately called The Black Swarm.

Of course Dave Gahan the unmistakeably brilliant voice that brought Martin Gores genius songwriting skills to life. It really was the Lennon and McCartney of Electronic music. By this time the band had Alan Wilder on board who offered a massive contribution that shaped musical history forever.

I was fortunate to see Depeche Mode touring Music For The Masses. The third in the cannon and a masterstroke, for it was the last time the band would perform in sensibly sized venues because it was from this point Depeche Mode became the biggest electronic band on the planet. A crown that hasnae slipped. since famously performing at the Rose Bowl Pasadena in 1988, A springboard gig that propelled them into being a global phenomenon. Recorded for prosperity, released as a double long player, and called it 101. Its deffo one of my favourite live albums of all time and is also the source material of tonight’s performance by Devout.

Devout Personnel
Barclay Quarton: Frontman, Lead Vocals
Keith Trigwell : Programming and Production, Live Keys, Technical, Visuals
Reza Udhin : Lead Vocals, Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals and production
Glen Wisbey : Live keyboards, Production.

The Devout are a Depeche Mode Tribute Band that exist to replicate the Depeche Mode live experience. With Barclay Quarton playing the part of David Gahan. In Stature and looks Barclay’s voice is remarkably similar. Reza Udhin playing the part of Martin Gore again replicating Martins’s vocal parts perfectly. With Keith Tigwell and Glen Wisbey playing the parts of Andy Fletcher and Alan Wilder Together they brought 1988 back to life in La Belle Angele.

For a tribute band, The Devout have a massive following of Depeche Mode devotees, the venue was heaving with on the whole, a 40 something male audience all t-shirted up with current and past Dep Mode tour T-Shirts. The love that people have for the inspiration of tonight’s performance was completely evident.

Myself too, although at first I was a little sceptical, The Devout worked really hard to replicate the brilliant songs and music that make 101, one of the best-selling live albums of all time and they did so to fine effect, I couldn’t stop myself from dancing. From the first bars of the opening number Pimph, Devout had the complete attention of the capacity audience. It was a great singalong and everyone knew the songs performed word for word. All the singles that were released up to and before 1988, Were brought to life. However for Divine, It wasnae until the 90’s output, Songs from Violator, Songs Of Fath And Devotion and Ultra made an appearance that I let rip, I danced my heart out and sang along at full pelt. The Devout worked really really hard to entertain tonight and with a show that lasted 2 and a 1/2 hours absolutely no one was disappointed.

Part theatre, Part Rock Gig. All done in the best possible taste. Divine had a brilliant time, everyone else did too. The Devout fucking rocked. If you like Depeche Mode then you will love The Devout. Well Done Lads.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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