Edinburgh’s Black History Month

.Friday 24th October.
I am blessed to be friends with some amazing creative entrepreneurs. Emma Elizabeth brain child of the wonderful Charity “BB United” Together with the Senagelese Society. A musical and creative partnership with that brings the musical talent of South Africa to Scotland, to create awareness of culture and dismantle barriers of ignorance.
To celebrate Edinburgh’s Black History Month. Be United held an event called “Remembering Our Past, Creating Our Future.
A festival of world music and creativity. The night began with a catwalk fashion show, Senagalese outfits and swimwear beautifully Modeled by the ladies of Culture Inspired. Indeed it was very inspiring and exotic, which set the tone for the anticipated musical delights of Makossa, Ska and Dancehall groove ignited the dance floor and the band had us in the palm of there hands. Infusing us and dazzling us, doing everything rock N Roll should do. Yes Makossa stoked the fires of dance in all of us.Good Time.
Next on the bill of delights Sun Cat brought us his amazing Didgeridoo, it was huge and boy could Sun Cat play it. Whipping his audience into fevered frenzy. Moving and meditative. Closely followed by the drumming brilliance of Tam Tam 2000 a troop of Senaglese percussionists presenting a Master Class in the music of African rhythm. This was exactly the infusion of culture that we all needed. The quality of performance presented in this showcase was a bit like Womad in a night.
The final live act of the evening was the very brilliant Samba And Diwan bringing the sound of golden beaches a palm trees with exotic tinges of Reggae, Jazz and Ska, reproducing the dance hall greats, the bands chemistry and musicianship took us on an exotic musical journey. And we lapped it up.
The DJ’s of the night were James Combe, Danso and special guest Mark from Samedia Shebeen, Divine takes his hat off to you, you had us swinging our hips and cutting our grooove into the early hours.
All in all a brilliant and very entertaining night. “Be United and Edinburgh’s Black History month”
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert