Sons of Liberty & Preacher Stone

Glasgow, Hard Rock Cafe
24th March, 2023

Glasgow’s Hard Rock Cafe in the heart of the city is quite the venue, but I was there for a Friday night gig. ‘Sons of Liberty’ are a group from Bristol who are a driving force of a musical movement called ‘Southern Rock’ with an over arching desire to keep the fires of sheer rock firmly on the map. In support was a band called ‘Preacher Stone’ who are from North Carolina (USA) for this much anticipated UK tour

This tour has triggered from 2021 release of ‘Sons of Liberty’ album ‘Aces & Eights’ and for all intents and purposes the night was a rock fest of special proportions, the band looked great, the room was very plush and of course the music rocked.

‘Preacher Stone were given a very healthy proportion of the night and rocked the stage like the cats they were. After forming in 2008 they immediately set about recording and came up with their debut in no time at all (only a year) and have a fascinating story from tours to winning certain rock awards.

The stage of the largish room is level with the audience who just soaked it all in, to thumping beats, monstrous lead guitar, fetching carefree vocals all to enhance for lovers of this newish blend of song writing. It has become a very well fitted rock salute in a tightness of greatly organised yet very playful, fast and easy event that they bring round them wherever they go.

And with their tattoos, leather wears, that all drip with character there was never a happier bunch, the joy was omnipresent. The blend or should I say fusion has been years and decades in the making, and I couldn’t help but hail to the past, and let images of Lemmy from the long ago Motor Head spring into mind. But the evening was for newness of everything, new material, fresh perspectives for young and old.

Preacher Stone

Rock, rock, rock, attitude, mind, community an excitement about everything, great new material, of fun, fun, fun! ‘Sons of Liberty’ debut release was an EP called ‘Shinola’ and after a couple more they won 4th band of the year. The incredible effort that oozed from the stage had them kind of shining in a loud and freeing atmosphere, that was a straight shot from the fringes of the blessed rock n’ roll phenomenon, bringing out the very best it could be.

Friday night also has that special vibe to it, of bringing the week together, and coming out to just celebrate, well we did that thanks to all the organisers who are bringing this life enhancing music to our delighted ears, indeed let there be rock.  

Daniel Donnelly

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