Kim Carnie

Traverse Theatre
May 4th, 2023

I entered once more the Traverse Theatre to the blackened room with sloping seats that can hold a generous capacity. It was a full Gaelic entourage of music fans there to enjoy the full experience of Kim Carnie’s music, the widely loved singer was to present it will good humour and wit.

It is worth noting that she is a successful singer and songwriter, with vocals she is getting a lot of notice for. The performance at Tradfest had a wonderful line in up at this atmospheric concert. The treatment of music was of a care and tenderness that easily mesmerised in its true haunting beauty with that great connection of the highlands community.

Her voice had notes that with a technique of telling stories, was an evocable sound that her award winning talent has for this heartfelt music structured with the so ability transmitted to an big audience brimming with a Celtic connection.

Our interest peeked listening to stories that set moods both high and low with songs forlorn and alive in their deep and burrowing chests. She moved her vocals around and joked a little as a star onstage. Her work has brought her talent to include writing music for film and computer games, I look forward to finding them, and enjoyed her broad expertise.

The 4 piece band on piano, violin, vocal and guitar played a tightly wound set orchestrated to bring out this tradition of musical storytelling in everything down to a flow. Beginning with a song written about a tale of men who work at sea, the power of reflection took us in for a moment and captured the genre perfectly, as a performance of great wit.

The free flowing attitude concentrated in her solo abilities that ever so carefully gathered a momentum of composition rendering a sharp focus. Style and a great deal of taste called for each little rapture to behave in the arms of a beautiful song smith and mysterious interplay.

Now she has been offered a commission where she is writing work of fresh composition of new music for Blas Festival up in Portree. It was time to test it out and put it to a live show that also celebrates the 2022 release of her exciting debut album ‘And So We Gather’ she is doing things of immense power, with immense charm and sincerity.

The eyes could only close taking this in, we were at the whim of her artistry and her bands quietly faithful dedication that you could actually hear as it went by. The translucent energy full and charismatic set list also included playing covers of songs by bands who have inspired or deserved a playful rendition.

A large stage beckons for this unquenchable music elevated with a most distinctive flow. No little magic arose and I found myself an observer, in a state of listening and being at peace. Her warmth was an example of a bitter free heart.

Daniel Donnelly

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