Alicia Edelweiss

Traverse Theatre
April 30th, 2023

We turned into the smaller no 2 at the Traverse theatre space. It is constructed with the floor level stage looming into most of the room with seats on three sides each three row’s high. And it was all an introduction to a musician/ songwriter, vocalist, performer with the name Alicia Edelweiss playing on varying instruments not least the ever popular accordion whose fame is nothing but exemplary.

The three came on in a touching softness, all from Austria and in the prime of youth. Merrily she was introduced as having been found and plucked from a music festival in Europe, that along with make shift companionship helped a performance immensely in its first take. For Edelweiss it was her first chance to play live in Scotland and for the festival was a part of the 20 act that will unfold with a seemingly unlimited assurance that this year will be a particularly good one; a style that will enjoy being opened and assembled for tradition to have more of its folk music in 2023.

The Tradfest Company itself is in its 10 th year in Edinburgh though there have been a few holes of absence that fell through the sieve; the missing covid years and due to shut downs regarding financing. The festival turned out to be very popular in the year 2020 as they push their International presence and create their intake of artists.

The fact that Edelweiss was chosen for this performance makes for a great compliment for her that she well deserves. As she took her place between the two lads whose show of support was evident in the throes of their bows. She looked around a little as she allowed a magic to reveal itself through her vocals that were capable in a way of let’s say something wise and divine; a tirade to let her reveal so many things straight from a deep breath from her belly and of a language fast and a talking of deliberations in the hands of a seemingly angelic human being.

These songs belonged to a place where no time is considered any more. Her songs reached out into the cosmos with joyful thigh slapping promontory lyrics and swishing arms (playing accordion, singing and dancing). She slyly scouted the small room realising the attention of everyone was on her as she raged with a great smile and exhibited the wonderfully crazy, enlivened travelling entourage contained in her body.

Though she may not be in anyway interested in doing this thing she is doing for anything but to express this direct link to life itself, to knowing it and putting it to her unbelievably soulful (free from religion) style it was a picture of a heightened realm where she was wonderful. Forgive me for getting carried away but it was like that; so godlike, capable; within a reality or perhaps something unseen she made this reality strong enough to shake me in my boots. She stood before our eyes and yelled towards our ears which were pricked up at this stage and listening in a state of bliss.

Wonderful is the only word I can think of and beyond also yells in my head. In her words in-between songs she quietly spoke of her love for nature and in her correctness and conciseness played in some brilliantly constructed movements of a nature lent to her willingness to come forth and really bless.

Evident when holding this connection; she was in joy and ecstasy popping it into a so well covered and thoroughly distinctive model of sound and vibe. Moving beyond the spirit of normality swapping it for a spirit of quite something else, her very steps into life reflected and enjoyed and explained.

Stunning vocals, equally stunning music, led by her, created by her, caught by her! Tunes and lullaby’s, darkness and liberty, expert and innocent, with a great smile and opened willingness.

Travelling certainly has it fair points what with the freedom of walking out of your door, don’t know if I’ll be back again. But in her we saw hearts flow, minds unleashed and many times stepping beyond even grace to find something of the unknown, in fact ably navigating and storming it.

She was funny, real, and nice and it was all on the whim of the chance of having been discovered and subsequently invited for reasons that may have come by some kind of a design. Success curtailed the door that opened to this small room, making it a room for vitality, virility with vivaciousness. With abrupt greatness comes huge feelings as we in our hearts; hugged, explored and celebrated, for a new song unrivalled in its ability for really being life. Close to the gods? Yes, yet things are great, she should be seen by all, already an outspoken thundering star we let her mould us and move us and shook us in our seats.

Daniel Donnelly

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