Adam Houghton (vocals, guitar),
Mat Peters (guitar, synth),
Andy Keating (bass)
Joel Kay (drums).

Not only is it going to be my first Gig at the Legendary King Tutz Wah Wah Hut, The Legenndry venue in which Oasis were discovered and launched to Global domination by Alan Mcghee. It is also my first seeing The IST IST. A band that formed in 2014 and just like Oasis are from the northern English City of Manchester. However, this is where any similarity in musical style ends. Where Oasis borrowed heavily from well know 60’s and 70’s bands unashamedly. The IST IST have drawn their influences from a northern English Sub Culture that has its roots in the late 70’s and early 80’s, But the really really fucking cool part. The music that brought the weirdos and the misfits together. dedicated to dressing up and looking fabulous, to drink snakebite through straws and provocatively dance on sticky dancefloors to the music of our heroes in the alternative nightclubs of Bradford, Batley, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield. Being a Shemale myself becoming a New Romantic was 2nd nature and was also an act of defiance. A big fuck you, to the homophobic and violent element that was commonplace in the 80’s in Northern England..Its was deffo tribal, with safety in numbers Being part of the first generation that birthed Goth. Being a New Romantic was a way of life. The Sisters Of Mercy’s First album, First Last And Always became the go to album for all the misfits and none squares. Oh aye Andrew Eldritch and Wayne Hussey birthed a dark and menacing Romantic beauty of a long player. Indeed it was this Northern English band, (From Leeds) That planted the seed for the whole Goth musical subculture that still exists today.

Hands up I’m completely new to The IST IST, it was only last month that I was reading a Mumble Review and I glanced the Promotional Feature for The Ist Ist and with that comes with a soundbite of their new album “Protagonists and tour dates. So I had a listen and immediately I was hooked by the musical influences that hooked me back in the day of Post Punk Brilliance Oh yes ❤ I need to investigate this band some more.. I was so excited, I ran round to Raymonds (The Mumble’s brilliant photographer) And said check this out. Raymond was as gripped as I was,

Imagine Andrew Eldritch and Wayne Hussey never fell out after making “First And Last And Always, or even settled their differences and made a proper sequel to their best known and groundbreaking first release. Then The IST IST’s new album The Protagonist” Is a clear contender for that accolade and I have only heard soundbites. The Albums on its way for me to review properly and I will be attending the Gig at King Tutz Wah Wah Hut on the 13th April. Raymond Speedie On Photographs. Divine on words.

The protagonist is the character who drives the action–the character whose fate matters most. In other words, they are involved in —and often central to—the plot or conflict of the story, but are also usually the emotional heart of the narrative.

The IST IST Protagonists. The Album Review.
Track Listing

  1. Stamp You Out.
  2. Something Has To Give
  3. Nothing More Nothing Less
  4. All Downhill
  5. Mary In The Black And White Room.
  6. Emily Davies. Emily.
  7. Artefacts
  8. Fools Paradise
  9. The Protagonist.
  10. Trapdoors.

The postman delivered my brand sparklingly new CD, the new long player from my new favourite band “The IST IST” The Protagonists is the third release from this incredibly interesting contemporary Post Punk Rock Band. Adam Houghtons vocals are sublime and deeply sexy, this guy can sing. His vocal harmonies have an incredible depth. I had to Google what the word Protagonist meant. The definition that I got. (And written above) Perfectly describes the lyrical content of the ten songs that make up this fulfilling and engaging collection of songs that describe the hero’s inner anguish and need to heal. Songs that drip with emotion. and honesty even if you like classic Sisters Of Mercy (Its the voice). Joy Division and the Cure a little bit. You will instantly be hooked.
And just like a good old-fashioned long player. Its an album that delivers a very entertaining 40 mins Collectively The IST IST have struck gold with this one. Each listen reveals a new treasure. And the bands musicianship recreates the really fucking cool source material from back in the day. The Protagonists rocks in the right places. Delivering every ones favourite 40-minute night out. It is Adam Houghtons voice that has won me. A brilliant and fully engaging body of work. My knickers are already wet with anticipation for my first time of seeing The IST IST live at King Tutz Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow on Thursday 13th. This is going to be one sexy gig. Full Report coming soon ❤

Tour Dates.
13 – Glasgow – King Tut’s
14 – Newcastle – The Cluny
15 – Nottingham – Bodega
20 – Birmingham – Hare and Hounds
21 – Bristol – Thekla
22 – London – Omeara
29 – Whitby – Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival

See Ya On The Dance floor ❤

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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