Karawane Takeover

Eden Court

Taking place in Inverness tonight, the happiest city in Scotland, is the Karawane Takeover. This is a wonderful concoction of live DJ”s ( Mark), live drummers and the smooth as silk South American delight that is Los Chichanos, live on stage for the first time in Inverness. Los Chichanos are an Edinburgh based band which have come together from far and wide to create a unique one-of-a-kind style of music that originates from the depths of South America. They induce a style of Psychedelic Jungle Cumbia music also known to many as Chicha and given rise to a new dawn within the Scottish music scene. Music is like travel, it should be shared and enjoyed buy all societies and cultures, therefore creating an education within us all that is passed on from generation to generation. Los Chichanos do this very well. Bringing the flavour of Brazilian and Colombian rhythms with the zest of some indigenous sounds of the Andes, these genres mix perfectly, like a well-constructed cocktail which delivers a taste of pure genius.

With band members spanning the globe they collectively empower each other with individual influences of magical musical talents. The name of the band derives from a combination of influences. The name Chichanos comes from the term “Chicha” and Chicanos is term used to describe members of the Mexican communities living in the USA in the last century. This name suits the band and the band suits this name, like two peas in a pod they are complimentary to each other.

Having over two years of experience together, Los Chichanos are building a concrete following throughout Scotland and the Uk. Playing at festivals, Jazz Bars, public bar venues and now theatres their Salsa style music is creating a real buzz within the dance culture. With the charismatic Sandino Borges Leitao on lead guitar and vocals, the warm hearted Georgia Ollier on keyboards and backing vocal, smiling Moises Prieto on Timbales, the magician Andy Cooke on Congas and bringing up the bass and backing vocal is the mysterious Conal Mckintosh, all congealing together to deliver a masterpiece of traditional music. Eden Court Theatre was alive with happy dancing feet and a beautiful sense of contentment filled the air. From stage to dancefloor the joy was clear to see. This wasn’t just a musical revolution it was also a cultural revolution. Beautiful music by beautiful people is what Los Chichanos are all about.

Raymond Speedie

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