Scott Mickelson

13th Note, Glasgow

I love Glasgow, me, in the heart of which city there is a bubbling fountain of musical talent, the waters of which draw numerous performing pilgrims to sup the ambrosial elixir like poets to the Castalian Spring. Last night I went to see one of those pilgrims, a certain Scott Mickelson, a California, & a moving exemplar of how to blend styles, create something brand new, & yet tapping into traditionality, all the same.

I didn’t know his music before-hand, but that’s the way I like it, to enjoy a fresh dish from an exotic land, to taste the flavours for the very first time. My initial instinctual response was that Scott’s mind is a smooth-flowing river, whose thought-waves oversaw the music like some martial arts sensei.

For some reason Scott’s band (bass, drums, keyboard) are all from Britain, & last night saw them comblended upon a tour of the island, supporting Big Hogg at the 13th Note. Together they epitomise precision – very tight-, & I was blown away by the extended, elegant, opiate instrumentals that accompanied half the songs – showing the Doorsiness of 60s West Coast vibes are still alive & well in the Golden State. The very cool penultimate jam especially conjur’d Leprechauns & Angels & an entire Fairy Host in my mind – & I wasn’t even tripping.

It was an especially pleasant mix of sonical auras, sometimes, Scott would spangletwang his banjo on his todd, sometimes there’s be a cacophony of creativity, & all the while melodies rippl’d from Scott’s aforemention’d river of thought. A lovely vibe from a widely & globally appreciated artist, it was inspiring, actually, & really nice to see some quality art within the songcraft medium. I will definitely be listening to Scott’s oeuvre from now on.

Damian Beeson Bullen

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