Ghost Dance: The Silent Shout (Album Review)

Ghost Dance Fronted by the very brilliant and beautiful Anne Marie Hurst from Keighley in Yorkshire. I was about 17 when the first incarnation of Ghost Dance rocked Yorkshire with their brilliant live shows and brilliant recorded output. Anne Marie also sang for the first incarnation of Skeletal Family another band that helped to form the musical subculture that is Goth. Some thirty years on Ghostdance have reformed with Anne Marie taking back her crown as High Priestess of Goth. The Silent Shout is on a loop am taking it in❤️ Full Mumble report coming soon❤️

Ghost Dance
Anne Marie Hurst, Vocals
Tim Walker. Guitar
Phil Noble. Bass
Stephen Derrig, Guitar
Dave Wood, Drums

So for now I can satisfy my Ghost Dance live longing, with this rather brilliant selection of songs that my new CD contains.

The Silent Shout was produced by Tim Walker the legendary Ghost Dance guitarist and owner of, Voltage Studios in Bradford Back in the day, Tim Walker was the very handsome leader of a Bradford Rock Band called Architect. So this new incarnation of Ghost Dance brings together two musical Yorkshire legends to bring us this new long player. Ghost Dance are currently Touring The Silent Shout across England. I was all geared up for a proposed Gig at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow. Alas the gig was pulled, but we are promised a visit to Scotland in the Summer.

  1. Goodbye.
  2. Disgrace
  3. Fools Paradise.
  4. Jessamine.
  5. It Rains
  6. A Town Called Sympathy
  7. Casting Shadows.
  8. Immortalised.
  9. Falling Down.
  10. After The Rain..

With The New Wave of New Wave firmly taking hold as a progressive new Genre of Music. New bands like the brilliant IST IST, who take their lead from Classic Sisters and Joy Division. They sound like Andrew Eldritch and Ian Curtis’s love children. Even Skeletal Family have reformed with a new female vocalist taking Ann Marie’s place in the band.. Opening ears to good old-fashioned Goth Rock and a well-received new album.

The only thing influencing Ghost Dance is in fact Classic 80’s Ghost Dance. Matured and improved. Anne Marie sounds fresh with more than a little nod to Debbie Harry and Blondie. But only in vocal delivery and that both are Divine heroes. Especially in Fools Paradise, this really does need to be a lead single. The musicianship is excellent throughout this 40-minute ride of musical perfection leaping in straight away with a deep bass guitar intro. Goodbye sets the tone with the urge to dye one’s hair black and don lots of black eyeliner.

Songs like Jessamine are destined for massive stages and performance art venues. Ghost Dance are a classic rock affair with two guitarists, bass and drums complimenting Anne Mariie’s beautiful voice to produce this 10 track megalith of a long player. with just the right amount of romantic whisp to keep the casual Goth interested, right through to the closing number After The Rain. The Silent Shout is a collection of songs that need to be heard played live, with enough excellent Juicy guitar parts to fill any mosh pit and make any headbanging rocker smile.

As I said, Ghost Dance’s The Silent Shout is working its way into my subconscious and is going to be a very entertaining friend for years to come. Brilliant work.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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