Studio 24, Edinburgh
Friday 5th June
My beloved Cosmic returns after a three month break. They say that the success of a relationship is to allow breathing space between meetings and union. Friday was a funny day. Dentists at 10.30am then wandered down to Leith. Where I processed the previous evenings Clairvoyance. Thankyou Foxycat Nina. Then headed to Musselbrough to see Louis Trypnautic and Kim Bold.
Louis was headlining Cosmic, so I got to the club for early doors and caught the opening Dj Igesunde Paul. A young Dj from Aberdeen who played a brilliant set invoking some spectacular dance moves. The clubs decor was out of this world, totally Cosmic Man. With stunning visuals by Raah Psirus Heimdall Kaborn. Entertaining and beautiful. Mark McArthur followed on the decks of the Mothership. Whipping his audience up into a storm. The Cosmic faithful are a very creative and friendly crowd, welcoming and warm. Zalien Alien then took control of the sounds and the dancefloor erupted as the sonic electronic melodies choreographed our enjoyment ensuring sound shapes and nifty footwork. the dance was on. Zalien finished his set to a well earned round of applause. Tonights star of the show and headlining act Louis Trypnautic, masterfully graced us with his carefully selected Psy grooves, he had us all in the palm of his hand and the beats opened our hearts further as more and more inhibitions were thrown to the wind. The ecstasy of the club was tangible and everyone was a having a really good time.
Cosmic is much more than just a club. Its an event that enriches all of the senses. unique and mesmerizing to the extreme. A bit like a six hour festival. interestingly, tonights Dj’s are my team for Audio Soup. So you will nae have to wait long to catch this wonderful team of Groovemasters weave their Psy magick again.
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


Eden Court – One Touch Theatre


31st May 2015

dorec a belle

Imke Henderson – Cello and Vocals
Bev Fraser – Sax, Flute and Vocals
Liza Mulholland – Accordian, Piano and Vocals
Maryann Frew – Guitar and Vocals

Since forming in 2011 all female Indie-Pop band Dorec-A-Belle have been selected by The Sunday Herald as one of Scotland’s top unsigned bands, which saw them open the main stage at Wickerman festival last year, followed by the release of their début album Listen. With four part harmonies and a unusual combination of instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Cello Accordian and Sax (to name a few), they have a unique sound, which seems to have many influences and covers a number of different genres

Described as the Living Room set, the stage had an impressive display of instruments, a sofa, flowers on the piano and gramophone, which gave it a relaxed feel as the band introduced their support Mark & Derek (Marc Clement & Derek Urquhart) who gave a great wee acoustic set on their guitars. Later, just before the interval we got a few solo songs from Robin Abbott who had a amazingly powerful voice.

Dorec-A-Belle who were accompanied by Derek Urquhart(drums) and Robin Abbott (double bass) began with Take Your Time, a gentle ballad with lead vocals from Maryann Frew. While Maryann fronted most of the songs, each of the other members lead on at least one song which showed what talented singers they all were and there were some sublime harmonies throughout.

The concert was two hours, but in no way seemed too long. I completely lost track of time, as the set flowed from slower emotive numbers such as Taken ( I had a lump in my throat) and Shadowland which was beautifully sung by Liza Mullholand, to more upbeat numbers such as a fun cover of Liquid Lunch sung by Imke Henderson.

The variety and different combination of instruments made it a very dynamic experience, Bev Fraser managed to sing and play four different woodwind instruments, no mean feat. With all this equipment on stage it was inevitable there would be the odd technical hiccup, at one point the accordian seemed to have a mind of its own. This didn’t detract from what was a fantastic musical feast. Catch them if you can on the Garden Stage at Belladrum this summer. 

Reviewer : Zoe Gwynne