The Modern Kind

Broadcast, Glasgow
March 31st, 2023

I was invited to a gig in Glasgow’s Broadcast venue to see ‘The Modern Kind’, a Glaswegian band who are enjoying a new wave of rock n’ roll music. The night was to be one loud and electric manifestation that the remarkable new sound is creating. I was there in time to check out the first band of three called ‘Twinstown’, who were followed by a group called ‘The Glass Key’, and each had music fit and fast.

It was another Friday night and attendance rapidly grew, there to see every band, with ‘Twinstown’s’ appearance the amps were high and the room was in a good swing. This music has lasted the previous decades and in an effective way a great number of groups are moving through the city with this vibrant unshakable and very distinctive music.


Lyrics are again up for grabs and the quality coming out is evident with each of their skills on their instruments. It is interesting to notice the little differences when bands form of choice of instrument, and set up, ‘The Modern Kind’ have opted for example on a lead vocalist front man without a guitar, with a performance of a star on fire.

They sing about rock n’ roll, telling stories, and have a strong shared experience to offer their fans who were singing at the top of their voice. The stage is through the door to your left and the room then spreads out making it a very intimate little venue offering gigs for big names and big acts. The second band ‘The Glass Key’ played their rock with a slight heavy metal sound to them that complimented very well the music of ‘The Modern Kind’ to come.

They are on an interesting track not least because of their willingness to expand their band, making routes into much of the Glasgow scene and well beyond. The eve had a good party feeling to it, and as I said the attendance was to be honest the best I’ve seen at the Venue. There was a freedom for lyrics over the three acts that added another edge to the style’s of clean but casual clothing and working appearance, but the music thundered straight into the room in volumes of the staged rock.

The Glasgow gigs are part of a good scene now where the doors are open if you have a decent band, ‘The Modern Kind’ are a few steps ahead in the shape and tightness of their music, entourage and fan base as a band who create the good times that it’s all about. They owned the small stage, and made themselves one with their audience.

Hard rock music should be exactly like that, I think they could take off in any venue, as they too grabbed me and swirled me around a little, and all you have to do is turn up. And they grow into folk lore as music that is lively and visibly fun. We’ll hear more from these guys soon.

Daniel Donnelly

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