An Dannsa Dub, Wends And DJ Dolphin Boy

The Bongo Club

It was back in 2006, Divine had landed back in Edinburgh and I was pushing DJ Divine to break through to a new audience, and make new friends, both as a DJ and a performance poet. It was both The Wickerman and the Autumn Knockengorch that year that I met lots and lots of really cool friends that shared my creative interests, words, music, dance and Healing. A good time party and a Good Time Crew, Dumfries And Galloway walked into my heart, this crew really knew how to throw a party. A creative hub alive with inspiration. and love. lots of great things Eden Festival and lots and lots of successful bands and clubs were birthed as a result. indeed a creative heart was beating. Old uns and young uns coming together to celebrate the creative muse Great lasting friendships were forged and a new generation of Healing Wizards were born.

Divine is deeply honoured to still be friends with this pose of amazingness. We still come together to open up new doors Tom Spirals forever evolving musical greatness, A musical and Spiritual Visionary that has drawn international acclaim, Following a spiritual awakening in South America where he was shown the path to what he would achieve as a singer and musician. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

An Dannsa Dub
Tom Spirals: Flute And Electronics.
Ben Parkinson: Drums.
Maxi Roots on Bass Guitar
Nicky Kirk: Electric Guitar
Ewan McLaughlin: Violin.

Up until tonight Divine had been an An Dannsa Dub virgin. I knew it was going to be brilliant, It was the first time that I had been in The Bongo Club since the Fringe last year. I really enjoyed myself tonight, I Danced Danced Danced myself dizzy, DJ Dolphin Boy, I take my hat off to you, your tunes took me immediately it was such a good Groove with lots of cool catz that I havenae seen like forever, It was really nice. Bravo.

Then Wends (Swoon) a one Woman Rock Band, who’s beautiful lyrics about her growth as a human, poetically political in parts sung with such an amazing velvet voice that drips with passion Her masterful acoustic guitar playing gripped the audience and brought everyone out of their shells. I danced danced and danced some more. I I think that I shall b seeing more of this mercurial talent. Absolutely brilliant ❤

An Dannsa Dub are a Super Group of sorts. Five musicians who each have achieved musical acclaim in their own right. Together, they create a fusion of traditional Celtic and contemporary groove which sets dancefloors on fire where ever these guys perform. From large festival stages to up close and intimate concerts of wonderfulness, like tonight at The Bongo Club, deep in the Catacombs of Auldie Reekie. Driven by the brilliant, Ben Parkinson, a percussionist who’s rhythms unified everyone tonight. With Maxi Roots completing the rhythm section The Bass Beautiful Dub Tastic backbone, complimenting Toms Flutes an electronic wizardry. Together with Nicky Kirk’s excellent guitar licks and Ewan McLoughlin’s Violin.. An Dannsa Dub take the listener on a musical journey a Dub Symphonie that is infectious, exciting and completely brilliant.

Tonight’s concert was to launch An Dannsa Dub’s new Long Player, Air an Turas ( on the journey ).A title that does what it says on the packet. with deeply immersive musical content that thrills and excites, tonights audience were ecstatically dancing from start to finish. The CD copies of the album havenae been released yet, but have been promised a copy soon. So will relish writing a review for that too when it arrives. Patience is a virtue ❤ The only thing we learn from patience is “Patience” ❤

An Dannsa Dub Coming to thrill your senses at a venue or festival near you soon. Thankyou for my Guestie ❤ It was a brilliant night ❤

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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