She Drew The Gun

Louisa Roach: guitar & vocals / Anna Donigan: bass

The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

Now this is a band that are not unknown to Divine. A formidable talent that are making waves within Scotland’s creative arts scene, “She Drew The Gun” delivered a stripped back, unplugged(ish) evening. Louisa Roach is a very talented lady indeed, with a loyal following that had flocked to the Voodoo Rooms, packing the place to the rafters. The She Drew The Gun experience brought to us an evening of splendid poetry, Louisa’s fine lyrical prowess describes one woman’s quest to document her inner struggle with the systems of this world in which we live.

These songs of protest are finely crafted and performed with creative passion and expert musicianship. Louisa’s performance was like a brief insight into her life, that left the audience yearning for more. Pertinent rebel songs set to fine melodies were complemented by an incredibly infectious groove from the brilliant rhythm section of Anna Donigan on Bass and electronic wizardry. Together, She Drew The Gun presented a hard-hitting performance, whose passion was infectious. Rock ‘n’ Roll grace in action.

The audience was so eager to hear what Ms Roach had to say, our collective heart resonating to the honest social commentary. A truly exceptional performance, and She Drew The Gun presented, what I perceived to be a taster of great things to come.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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