Inspiral Carpets

Galvanizers SWG3, Glasgow
April 13th, 2023

The well known and well loved rock band Inspiral Carpets rocked up at the fresh Glasgow Music complex called Galvanizers SWG3, which is on the north side of the river. They have a wonderful past to share having formed way back in the mid 1980’s they reached the heights of that thing call ‘Madchester’ which was a huge musical movement that included the Stone Roses (that I must mention) and The Happy Mondays (who were a cause unto themselves).

The musical journey was a remarkable one concerning what came to fruition, and the Inspirals certainly rode the biggest of waves. The ‘house’ (venue) was jam packed with fans who have enjoyed a 40 year relationship with their favourite band and they were treated to the anthemic and vey sultry tones that gripped hard and hypnotised through this special relationship that for 1.50 hours was a most intact experience.

My +1 performed a great service as we went through the busy and powerful crowd who often seemed to part ways, I made my way through it 4 times as the striking presence of the band unrelentingly entertained with a gusto that was effortless, real and spectacularly talented. A standard was risen and set and the band well knew this.

I was impressed as my attentions rose with I admit a little disbelief that these were the real guys, who came to fruition with that ‘Madchester’ phenomenon that was all about breaking down tired myths and set to fuse new ones with great, magical and important events, many of which were antics from individuals whose fame rose through the real time rhythms of the best and greatest of music that was everywhere at the time.

Their Album ‘Life’ broke through with its release in 1990, but they had recorded 2 demo albums earlier on. ‘Life’ couldn’t have been more of its day; it helped make not only the band stand out but the movement too. Their critical acclaim was also cemented further with the release of ‘the Beast Inside’ in 1991.

So their 4 decade fan base is obviously enjoyed by the many hardened fans who praise them with so much credit proving that the style of music still is there to take its spot in the heart of British musical culture.

And their performance has something a little profound about it, aka with a lead singer who stared far into the room and who gave his vocals the act of giving as was to be stunning in his great appeal.

A set of charms arrives with these guys, whose grit came in respect, and offered an unwavering ability to outwit any need for rock n’ roll attention’s so the music was definitely king at this gig. A certainty of spirituality rose but the 1980’s that formed the band’s rise, and surly was some kind of call for deeper culture was in the hands of a music I had lots of fun listening to. This UK tour 2023 is a call for a good night with a crowd that could not be faked, splendid rush you should get yourself to.

Daniel Donnelly

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