Preview: Devout, Depeche Mode Tribute, Performing 101

To put it in words. To write it down. That is walking on hallowed ground. But it’s my duty… And it’s our duty as The Devout to not only bring your favourite Depeche Mode songs to life, but also your memories.

The Band

Barclay Quarton: Frontman, Lead Vocals
Keith Trigwell : Programming, Live Keys, Technical, Visuals
Reza Udhin : Lead Vocals, Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Glen Wisbey : Live keyboards, Production.

Depeche Mode have been with me since I was a young New Romantic. when I first fell in love with electronic music. Ripping up dancefloors to the hits, that helped form the musical subculture, the singles from the first three albums. Speak And Spell, Black Celebration and Music For The Masses. Indeed it was the Music For The Masses tour that I had my first Depeche Mode live experience on the 21st of January 1988. in Bradford St Georges Hall. It really was fantastic. I was joined by a bestie called Andy, we had rubbish seats but had the good fortune to meet a tout that swapped our tickets for centre front row balcony. With Depeche Mode performing directly in front of us performing the very songs that make up live double album 101.

This was the last tour that Depeche Mode played relatively small venues before filling mega stadiums. My next time of seeing Depeche Mode live was on the Delta Machine Tour in Glasgows SECC. in 2013. This is when I fell out with mega venues, because I felt that the venue swamped them and that was the last live experience that I attended in a mega venue. Nothing could have eclipsed my first time. I like it up close and personal and it is for that reason I will nae go to arena tours for any band. No matter how much I love them.

It was my friend Rosco that contacted me a couple of weeks ago to tell me about “Devout” The Depeche Mode Tribute Band. Performing the album 101 in its entirety live at la Belle Angele in Edinburgh. Rosco has a ticket for Depeche Mode in Dublin on the current tour, And for reasons that I have already stated and of course not having the readies to purchase a ticket or travel funds. to see the present incarnation of Depeche Mode. He asked me if I fancied going to see Devout, the Depeche Mode Tribute. Performing all of the songs that I experienced back in 1988. of course it was a no brainer. Yes of course. But let me contact The Mumble first to see if I can get a review ticket.

Full Report Coming Soon.
Good time Divine ❤


Saturday 6th May 2023 


(Ex: Speak & Spell) The UK’s finest Depeche Mode Tribute! Special 101 Show plus Greatest Hits 2.5 hours show – No support – Arrive Early! 


11 Hastie’s Close, Edinburgh EH1 1HJ  

£14 Advance Doors 6pm 18+ 


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