Native Harrow

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Voodoo Rooms Speakeasy

Halfway through the set of this folk/alt rock/art tweed/Zep tastic (that’s enough Ed.) Yank exile Brighton based rockers Native Harrow, some exuberant hippy, moved, no doubt, by the reasonably priced Tenants and the emotive music shouts.

‘Write some more love songs’

To which Ginger Bapped multi-instrumentalist Stephen Harms replies

‘Everything is a love song to life’

I wish I’d written that.

As it neatly sums this duos oeuvre up.

And I could go to bed.

Promoting their fifth LP

‘Old Kind of Music’ (Loose Records) London.

This evening’s entertainment Native Harrow swanned up in the Voodoo Room’s Speakeasy (Fat Sam unavailable for comment)

Voodoo Rooms being one of Edinburghs remaining decent venues.

As it is owned, run by, and for, rockers hepcats and people who like music.

A quick swizz at the rest of the venues on this 2023 tour and it seems that this wasn’t luck. As it is a where’s where of credible venue grooviness.

They employed at least 8 instruments between the pair of them. Plus voices.

And a dodgy 50khz hum from the sound system.

(Kyles I’m looking at you here mate)

This was only audible because the reverential audience were sat in cult like silent stupor.

This pair swing from Neil Young to John Martyn via Joni Mitchel past Zeppelin with a bit of Motörhead on smack.

And a bit of Floyd.

And Patti Smith

and (enough already, Ed.)

Proper funky folk music.

The afore mentioned Mr Harms gives it some Sly style funk on a Rickenbecker, keys, 6 string electric Floydery, and Garfunkelary backing vocals.

Providing a mossy glade of melodious mellifluous music ship to set the sails for partner Devin Tuel to let the spirits out. (last warning mate, Ed.)

Devin Tuel a songstress possessed of a voice that would possibly have made Robert Flak decide to take up that plumbing apprenticeship strums a Gibson F hole absentmindedly while her voice flie.

A perfect marriage of soaring vocals and accomplished musicianship.

Get a room

Adam McCully

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