The Stranglers

The Concert Hall




Sound:4.png Atmosphere:4.png  Performance:5

Arriving at the Perth Concert Hall on a wet and cold March night it was great to see so many loyal fans out to take in The Stranglers latest tour; a warming sight that blocked out the cold wet weather. The Perth concert hall is more than ample for this kind of band, great space and sound quality. What a fantastic auditorium and venue.  With a black back drop and  The Stranglers logo perched in the middle, the white amps and equipment stood out with a powerful message. Time for the entire Black and White album to be delivered to a mixed audience of young and should I dare say it, older fans. Great to see so many generations enjoying a band that has covered many decades.So it begun, on they came and the introduction to Tank which was delivered with fine timing. The place was bouncing !!!


As “Tank” came to a climax and the intro to “Nice and Sleazy” began it showed that they were still an iconic band . Well tuned, crisp and sharp and with Baz on lead vocals he more than delivers the goods. A different chapter in The Stranglers history and still going strong.  Then came Outside Tokyo and Hey (Rise of the Robots), a classic from Black and White.  With J.J. Burnel thundering out those dirty, deep hard hitting bass notes you could feel the venue shaking under the onslaught of the classic song “Sweden” (All Quiet on the Eastern Front).  The audience started to pogo about like excited kids at a play park, the obvious memories from 1978 rushing back to them. As they started “Toiler on the Sea” I got goose pimps as it sounded the same as it was when I seen them many. many years ago, intrusive and uplifting. They held the audience well.

As they hammer through the rest of Black and White with a classic thrown in before the sound of “Walk on By” we were given a taste of Get a Grip of Yourself.   They did drop one song from the set due to technical difficulties but Hey, they are not Robots just people. As the black back-drop and white stage started to find coloured light, I knew it was time for some old classics.  Its exactly what the crowd wanted, as they played “Something Better Change” the venue erupted !!! Sure to be a great last half hour.


The hits just kept coming, Feel like a Wog and Dead Ringer from early albums followed by Peaches, Hanging Around, Always the Sun, gave an expected audience what they wanted. With two encores The Stranglers had put on a near two hour show and had delivered it with substance and heart. With Jet Black having departed the new drummer had done well and held his own. With the last steps back on stage they finally gave up their last song, which of course had the now sweaty and raving crowd going nuts, “No More Heroes”. What a way to finish a memorable night with The Stranglers… Inverness on Friday and Glasgow on Saturday are in for a well wicked night.   All the best for the rest of the tour….

Reviewer : Raymond


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