Tubular Bells For Two


Queens Hall

We took our seats in the venue, just as the support act Gypsyfingers were taking to the stage. A quartet from London with a powerful rhythm section. Supporting the ethereal voice of Victoria Coghlan. Seductive and beautiful in equal measure. On Keyboards and lead guitars Luke Oldfield. The quartet took their audience on a musical journey that was fully immersive and entertaining.My companion likened Gypsyfingers to Coldplay. Hmmm yes, I can see where you are coming from. Gypsy Fingers have a better lead vocalist though. Indeed we both agreed. however, Luke Oldfield’s closing guitar expert licks were nothing short of Matt Bellamy. At the interval, my musical companion bought Gypsyfingers new Album. So am going to be hearing a lot more of Gypsyfingers in the near future, It was a lovely experience.

Tubular Bells For Two

Multi-instrumentalists Daniel Holdsworth and Tom Bamford took to the stage, surrounded by the instruments that would recreate Mike Oldfield’s masterpiece landmark album, Tubular Bells. Daniel and Tom are both Australians. Daniel is no stranger to Edinburgh, having played this performance to sold out Fringe audiences for a number of years now. This was Tom’s first time in the United Kingdom, having spent the last three months in preparation for this performance.The Queens Hall suited the musicianship of this two-man orchestra. Playing over 22 instruments between them for this 52 minutes of musical dexterity. Mike Oldfield would approve, the sound reproduction was excellent and the duo entertained the audience with humour and musical grace, Dashing from instrument to instrument to give fans of this most famous.musical score a treat for the senses.

My own copy of Tubular Bells came from a Charity shop 10p bargain box, it was free with The Mail On Sunday and was hiding in the Divine Music Library. Luckily I found it without too much hassle. The album has been on a loop all night as I write this review. When it was released in 1972 it was one of my brother’s fave albums, so it was introduced to me at a very young age. Having never seen Mike Oldfield live, Tonight’s musical treat was note to note perfect. The audience loved it and after The Blue Peter theme tune (The one and only Mike Oldfield single that I purchased as a nipper) was played out, our two musical Mavericks received a standing ovation of which was justly deserved. A contemporary musical masterpiece of our times, brought to life in an interesting and innovative way.

Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

Photography : Warren Kirkby

One thought on “Tubular Bells For Two”

  1. Nice review. Great gig from both acts, I agree. Pardon my pedantry, but it wasn’t quite the Blue Peter theme tune though at the end. It was the normal closing piece to Tubular Bells which usually gets called ‘The Sailors Hornpipe’.

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