Anna Meredith and C Duncan

Tramway, Glasgow
2nd Feb, 2023

At the Tramway last night in the South Side of Glasgow we walked into a large space with a most generous stage. Quietly the first act came on a C Duncan and his band began things with some softly melodic music full of pearls and lyrics that held the same. He is a young and modern composer but he uses music from any time he may like.

It was hard to pinpoint exactly what his influences might be (which is a good thing) but his general style was ever continuous. His light and husky vocals offered a kind of sacred sound familiar and new, bending notes that at will fitted perfectly to the stage. Nice rolling music that visibly and in plain sight warmed the room making that great acceptance.

We hit the heights when headliner Anna Meredith began her set that was nothing less than the gods coming home (tarrah). May I first comment on the instruments involved in this out of the park music; drums, whose tempos came out of nowhere, a tuba (a remarkable choice, especially when looking at the kind of music owning among other things a celebration of techno.), cello to the right and plenty of variations when swapping tools.

Totality was at hand, with levels that almost could have terrified but thundered together to all corners of the room. They used their instrument to create some great crescendos I had to internally ask how these musicians had come together, because it worked in blowing us away with every song and turn.

There was a fan presence, or at least there must have been seeing the scale of enjoyment. I hung out in a corner just taking it in, what a view where I couldn’t quite see those onstage. It was artful with stunningly and beautifully captured moving images for the high backdrop. She sang as if with the heart of a saint, one who could race in exuberance followed in enhanced music that was eye opening. Carefully placing gentleness, in the back of the room replacing with rave like frenzy. Again I comment on the classical instruments involved, they took a new place and gave up nothing less.

Triumphantly joyful, a parade of music good enough to cause a parade in the house (a term I use endearingly where I mean the audience). It opened up a crack in the sky formed to develop skills beyond belief; lyrics from the heart and music from the last few decades perhaps even liking punk or other things pre techno. Anthems, distortions, evocation and an obvious will, unafraid.

It was amazing to experience such abandonment where no harm is done, not for anger but not to hide her words either. A banging night a banging room, stage and an evening to enjoy this queen like and to blow cobwebs away to strip you of everything but your eyes and your ears. There should have been camp fires because the people started to sway in dancing circles. I can’t praise their music more than saying that the gratitude levels were of marvel. Well done and congrats and may you play to many more stages and bring this important music for the future to come.

Daniel Donnelly

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