Amy May Ellis & Maranta

Amy May Ellis

Oran Mor
5th Feb, 2023

On a busy day up Glasgow’s Byers Road was to be held a somewhat gala day of Celtic Connections music. It had been a while since I had been at the Oran Mor, a pleasure to be back. The day (which will still be ongoing) had been split into its upper hall and its venue in the basement. I was there to see the lovely Amy May Ellis a songwriter busy in the throes of the music industry recording and performing her soulful heart out and Maranta a synthpop band!

Amy kicked off the day in the resplendent upper hall of the old church building, a place with beautiful art fairly high ceilings and an inspiring setting for Celtic folk music by Amy. She played her classical guitar to perfection with quietly wonderful vocals, songs of faith and love, a welcome to the party seemed to take hold, in a kind of open house.

Amy’s show was to a house well received, I think she was busy with a band on tour and she kind of snuck a performance at the 10 years of Lost Map event. Lost Map are a Record Label enjoying their 10 year existence and 8 Artist were to play at Oran stretching from mid afternoon till late in the evening, a time that gave it a most well done festival feeling, after Amy we shuffled down the stairs to the basement.

To a crowd now well welcomed the atmosphere had a certain excitement to it; it’s amazing what welcoming can do. I was there to review the second of my two acts so down stairs on came a cool couple called Maranta (I think is a house plant). They both worked their synthpop boxes to give out some wavy tunes. Coming from Edinburgh they are known for their electric music well rooted in the 80’s but they brought it out brightly with fresh licks and unending changed in the sound they bent and warped.

Also bringing a great taste of experimentation in just about every aspect of their music; offering a lifting experience and a jive of positive vibes. Smiles were everywhere in the room that spreads a bar sideline seats or the jovial standing and a stage that has its deep hold there. There was just a sweet scent there, a wholesomeness to celebrate the British record label whose support of many kinds of music from dear folk to delicate country.


So the vibes enjoyed a treat of live music to end the 2023 Connection’s Festival with redolence and a good mood for the year’s music to come with a busy schedule. A gala of music written and performed by artists who couldn’t do what they do without being very good at it, I’m sure the flow of today’s showcase has now reached quite a height of grateful gratitude for all involved.

Daniel Donnelly

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