Cera Impala & The New Prohibition

Eden Court, One Touch Theatre, Inverness
18th March 2015
The show opened with Cera Impala playing a solo piece on banjo –  ‘Flowers of The Wild Wood’ dedicated to all the ladies. This beautiful and entrancing piece drew the audience in to Cera’s relaxed stage presence and gave a small taster of her husky vocal abilities. Enter Cera’s band – ‘The New Prohibition’ – partner Dirk Ronneburg (fiddle and vocals) and Joel Sanderson (double bass). Together this trio entertained and captivated the audience with tales, jokes and laughter. The couple originally from rural America now live in Edinburgh with their son, but by all accounts will be moving on as travelling musicians do.
The first half of the show was dedicated to tunes composed by Cera such as ‘blackbird’ and ‘littlebird’, Cera is mostly inspired by animals her favourite the Monarch Butterfly she explains. Musically she is some where between folk, blue-grass and a little jazz but she is not to be labelled and totaly individual. Songs are filled with depth and meaning show casing blue grass roots and Ceras incredable voice that will warm your heart and offer moments of escapism. The later half of the show Cera and the band covered tunes from old Blues and Country musicians that had both inspired and developed her own career. Dirks amazing fiddle playing was inspiring and Joels improvised percussion and bass had all our feet tapping.
To sum up,  the entire performance was more than enjoyable and for two hours we the audience were allowed into Cera and Dirks crazy and wonderful life! The MOST enjoyable performance I have seen in along time, a must see for any music lovers.
Reviewer : Stephanie McDaid

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