An Interview with Hayley Gee


Hi Haylee, so where ya from & where ya at, geographically speaking
Born in Edinburgh grew up in Livi. Right now in Dykes Road – that’s not joking, that’s where we live haha.

What inspired you to become a rapper
I didn’t grow up wanting to be a rapper I wanted to be a firefighter but got a criminal record for silly driving chases from cops etc. I’ve always wrote poems and songs from a very young age. Was on the way to Glasgow when I met my first Scottish rapper. he told me to spit some bars, I did, he was impressed and then a week later he pushed me to freestyle over eves greatest hits cd. took the wrong turn to Carlisle but was worth it.

What do you think of the Scottish hip-hop scene
The Scottish hip hop scene… I’ve met the good the bad and the ugly. There’s amazing support in Edinburgh and Glasgow etc but there is a lot of jealousy and ego causing drama so I now tend to not get involved anymore with people like that. It’s the same with real life. Just sticking with the ones who are real and stood by me. Learned the hard way haha but there is a massive rise in emerging talent from Scotland. It’s very refreshing to see.

Who are your musical inspirations
My main inspiration is Marilyn Manson I went to see him at 12. Well Eminem was who I went to see and refused to watch Manson cos my granny just died – she was Catholic and he burned crosses in videos. I thought he was the devil but little did I know at the time until I saw him dedicate a song to a girl who committed suicide and I fell in instant musical love. His performance was so bold and entertaining. I got home and next week I went out and bought any album I could get my hands on. He taught me to embrace the real me.

What subjects motivate you to write your lyrics
My songwriting. Used to be about exs now its politics, frenemies and story telling of things that I see or go through. It helps me to understand the life I’m living. It helps me cope.

How do you find being a female rapper in a predominantly male field
I love being a female rapper in a predominantly male field cos I’m one of the boys. You get a few lassies doing their thing (some are brilliant), you get others who just enjoy male attention a bit too much – but that’s not me. I thrive on the bad energy that comes my way and embrace the good. I got a lot of stick for being myself but it’ll never stop me. I should been born male. My mum said the doctor said I was a wee boy trapped in a girls body I think that was the inner rap man wanting out, big balls an all!


Can you tell us about your band, Devils in Skirts
My band are my entire life. I have had many devils over the years but these at the present are the greatest I have had the honour to make music with. We are rap Rock, punk hop and anything we can get our hands on to add our devilish twist. All are talented in their own way. Two music teachers in the band and some fresh new personalities. Devils in Skirts is named because we’re mental – all of us! The name sorta is a statement about being a female-fronted band in rap, about women calling all the shots. We’re very Scottish, and I use my Scottish accent proudly – that’ll never change. Fundamentally, we’re just about being shamelessly ourselves.

What are yours & the band’s plans for 2017
2017 is going to be a very busy year for us. We’ve already done about 20 gigs so far this year, with plenty more planned for Scotland and beyond. The next big one for us will be in London in just a couple of weeks, then the week after Isle of Arran with our best-band-pals. We’re looking at investing in a campervan, just need to make sure it’s good enough to drive around the Devils. Lastly, we’re planning our tour for Amsterdam and Berlin. We’re lucky to have met some brilliant artists who are leading the way to help get our name outside of Scotland

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